During our most recent Real Estate Marketing Cocktail Party, we discussed how real estate agents can generate more homebuyer leads using Facebook advertising.

The strategy consists of a combination of Mayor Marketing and a structured & coherent marketing campaign to ultimately position yourself as the authority in your area so you can naturally generate leads without spending a dime.

If you’d like, you can follow along with the presentation and slides from the event. The Q & A toward the end is not to be missed!

What Typically Works Well On Facebook

You may be very familiar with the classic advertising funnel.

  • You show an…

This week’s Real Estate Marketing Cocktail Party was another huge success! We had some people interested in buying houses, those looking to invest, and other professionals simply eager to network with others in the real estate industry. Join us for next Monday’s event!

Escaping the Zillow rat race was the topic this week because we find so many real estate agents, new or seasoned, dropping thousands and thousands of dollars into the platform so they can get a steady stream of leads. …

For the first ever Real Estate Marketing Cocktail Party, we discussed how you can generate more leads for your real estate business using your website.

We chose this topic for our first event because it’s the first thing we recommend to all our clients to start with. Your website is the home base for your entire business and is where all roads lead to. …

Welcome to part one of the Real Estate Lead Generating Website Series. If you want to learn more and how you can generate up to five leads per day using digital marketing, save 40% on the Real Estate Digital Marketing Mastery course or sign up for the newsletter!

Building your real estate website will not be too difficult for you. The more important skills needed are far less technical and more focused on marketing — anyone can get a website up and running but only some will generate leads from it.

For your real estate website to be successful and…

Welcome to the Real Estate Lead Generating Website Blog Series where you’ll learn how you can generate more homebuyer, seller, investor, and any other types of leads for your real estate business.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, investor, lender, selling insurance, or even run a construction company, we’ll show you exactly how you can get up and running online and start generating qualified leads today.

You’re going to learn how you can build a stunning website that will generate and convert leads for you in your sleep along with how you can drive traffic to that website from online…

Zillow is a considered a necessary tool for many real estate agents while others shun it altogether. Being the product of someone else’s service for the sake of potential sales is no way to run your business and Zillow relishes in agents turning to them to feed them low-quality leads for wildly expensive prices.

Imagine if your local coffee shop had to spend twenty-five cents to get potential patrons in the door — further, imaging this coffee shop has absolutely no branding, no signage on the store — barely a storefront at all — no recognition, and no trust…

On February 22, 2017, Instagram announced the Carousel post for non-advertising users. This allows users to post up to 10 photos or videos which can then be scrolled through as one post by viewers. Eventually, the platform allowed for landscape and portrait photos to be involved in the carousel. This feature may seem like a small tweak but there are ways to use the Instagram algorithm with features like this to skyrocket engagement.

Since Instagram started showing posts non-chronologically and seemingly random, the time you post became less and less relevant. People would game the times of day to when…

Building Calaboration’s brand is still a work in progress and might never be to where we want it fully. As we start building other company’s brands as well, we’ve determined a pretty standard blueprint for successfully strategizing and executing on an agency’s brand.

Building your agency’s brand is a process that will take at least one year if you do everything immediately. Your brand will be dependent on your personal reputation, the work your agency has done, and the aura you give off as the founder or CEO of this agency. …


Calaboration was struggling very early on to get clients that are willing to pay. We figured out the strategy for getting the high-ticket clients that are always great to work with for your digital agency.

Getting high-end and high-ticket clients relies completely on who you’re talking to. By talking to the more successful businesspeople, you will run into the wealthier VPs and CEOs who won’t bat an eye when you propose your pricing at even 3x what you’re charging now.

As we’ve said before, the success of your agency entire depends on the clients you have. You can build…

Ensuring you accomplish all your goals in the new year is a flawed method of thinking to begin with but there are ways to hack around it and be as productive as possible. You shouldn’t rely on a single-digit increase in the year to change and finally accomplish what you want, you should have that same motivation for each day and month that come about. I’ve cracked many personal codes to be productive and effective in 2017 — here’s how to be productive in 2018.

Tasks Shall Take as Long as They Take

A new project or task should only take as long as it’ll take —…

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