Nick Cooney Offers Perspective to the Health Benefits of Clean Meat

Nick Cooney
Jul 23, 2019 · 3 min read

In order to understand the health benefits of clean meat, it’s important to first define what clean meat is. A relatively new form of cellular agriculture, clean meat (sometimes referred to as in vitro, cultured, or lab-grown meat) is meat created in a clean factory setting through animal cells. Most commonly, it is meat produced through in vitro cultivation, rather than requiring a live animal’s body. According to Nick Cooney, Founder and Managing Partner at Lever VC, Co-Founder and former Managing Trustee of New Crop Capital venture capital trust, and Co-Founder of the Good Food Institute, “clean meat” is a moniker befitting this new type of food for two main reasons. First, due to the “cleaner” sanitation practices surrounding the production of cultured meat compared to the often unsterile and contaminated environments of slaughterhouses, and second because of the lack of antibiotics and artificial growth hormones present in some meat, making it far “cleaner” than its factory farmed alternatives. (As a bonus, it’s also cleaner for the environment. Often hailed as an environmentally friendly substitute, clean meat emits over 85% less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than factory farmed meat.) To further understand how healthy cultured meat really is, continue reading for Nick Cooney’s expert opinion on the main health benefits of clean meat for consumers.

Decreased Risk of Disease Caused by Meat Consumption

Unlike slaughterhouses, cultured meat is produced in a totally sterile environment. Nick Cooney claims that this environment significantly decreases the chances of the meat being exposed to bacteria or disease. Conversely, animal meat is often produced in unhygienic environments where it is not uncommon for bacteria to contaminate the meat. The result of course, is food-borne illnesses. The inherent nature of clean meat reduces this risk factor considerably. Rigorous environmental controls and tissue monitoring in the lab both work to prevent the infection of meat cultures from the beginning. With clean meat, it is also possible to detect infection before it is shipped off and in the hands of consumers, further lessening the risk of any person contracting a food-borne illness.

Free From Artificial Growth Hormones and GMOs

Nick Cooney claims that yet another benefit of clean meat is that it is completely free from artificial growth hormones, steroids, and antibiotics, all prevalent in some types of factory farmed meat. With a serious health questions associated with consuming meat produced in this way, why take the risk when you could opt for a healthier alternative in clean meat?

No Fear of Antibiotic Resistance

You’re probably aware of the increasing concern within the animal agriculture industry over the use of antibiotics. In order to keep animals healthy and prevent them from contracting diseases such as swine flu, bird flu, or listeriosis, farmers pump their livestock full of antibiotics. This heavy overuse of such antibiotics has resulted in antibiotic-resistant “superbugs.” In turn, this new development has led to an increase in the number of patients seeking medical help for a bacterial disease, only to discover that they have been diagnosed with something that is resistant to the only known treatment. How does cultured meat right this wrong, you may be wondering? According to Nick Cooney, clean meat has the potential to be produced without

antibiotics, which would reduce the significant risks to society and public medicine that come with feeding huge quantities of antibiotics to farmed animals.

Nick Cooney hopes that the health benefits that come with choosing to eat clean meat will encourage you to give the meat alternative a try when it hits market shelves.

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