5 Things Your New City Councilman Wants You to Know

I am Nick DeBoer, I was recently appointed to fill the council seat vacated by Eddie VanBogaert. If you live near the Chauncey hill area or anywhere south of State Street, I am likely your city representative.

  1. You Are Now Apart of The City: Purdue’s campus was annexed into the city of West Lafayette earlier this year. Prior, the dormitories and adjacent residences were not apart of the city, and consequently lacked formal representation in local government. This era is now over, enfranchisement has been brought to all student residents in the area and your voice carries more weight than ever.
  2. Our Police Set A National Example: The relationship cultivated between the community and our law enforcement is particularly strong. So long as you are respectful and not violent the police will treat you dignity. They are really not interested in unnecessarily hassling you.
  3. The Rental Market is Still a Mess: Landlords prey on the fact you will be gone in the months leading up to August, often forcing you to re-sign before you are even unpacked. This is partly due to the limited housing stock, an issue we continue to address. The best deals will be found later in the season, when you hold more negotiating power. Conduct due diligence before signing any lease.
  4. Cultivate Social Capital: It might be an old adage, but your market income will likely be heavily determined by who you met and worked for along the way to graduation. This means seeking out peers with similar interests, finding organizations and assuming leadership roles, and cultivating a relationship with a professor. I cannot stress the importance of the latter enough.
  5. This is a Privileged Community: We have an extremely low crime rate, we house a national university, and are surrounded with sharp, educated, analytical minds. Few people worry where their next meal will come from. Because of the University, we are isolated from much of the social and economic pressures that face outside communities. It’s worth keeping in mind.
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