By Nick Fewings, Teamologist

Author Of Amazon Best Seller, Team Lead Succeed

As it is World Poetry Day, below is a poem about the 16 Elements of teamwork, measured in the Team DyNAmics Model that I created, and is used by teams around the world, to measure their team effectiveness.

Understanding our Team Purpose is where we must begin,

What this enables and the benefits it will bring.

For this will keep us all on track, give focus to what we do,

Ensuring everything delivered adds positive value.

Trust between each of us we must build deep and strong,

To appreciate each other, so we can get along.

It’s vital that we realise that we’re stronger as a team,

If we’re to work effectively and fulfil our dream.

Plans we need to put in place, so everybody knows,

The steps we all need to take, so we achieve our goals.

Some revisions may be needed, as we all should know,

When changes sometimes happen that are out of our control.

A team is not a team, unless we all Collaborate,

Sharing skills and knowledge that we have learnt to date.

For our efforts must be as one, if we are to succeed,

All for one and one for all, a behaviour we must breed.

We each must be Accountable, right from the very start,

To deliver quality in our team plan, relating to our part.

Then ensure a smooth handover, to our colleague who is next,

So we can, as a team, create a chain of excellence.

Sometimes things will be easy, sometimes they will be tough,

But if we all go above and beyond, it should hopefully be enough,

By showing our Commitment, we surely will pull through,

And demonstrate to others what our team can really do.

Roles and Skills that complement, that is the winning feat,

Like pieces of a jigsaw, they dovetail nice and neat.

Each member of our team, knowing what they and others do,

We all have our part to play, which will help to see us through.

Communication that is effective, so we know what’s going on,

Should help us all ensure that nothing does go wrong.

So email, text or face to face, make sure our comms are good,

And whatever is the message, by all it’s understood.

Decisions agreed, we must embrace with positivity,

So we move forward as a team, using our ability.

If just one is out of sync, we’ll get into a mess,

And sorting out the issue will cause us lots of stress.

Team Meetings, to be effective, must start and end on time,

An agenda sent beforehand, that keeps us all in line.

Actions duly noted, with who does what by when,

Reviewed at our next meeting, before we start again.

Processes are important, to maintain consistency,

Recorded somewhere accessible, so everyone can see.

Then if a process needs to be done by someone totally new,

They have clear instructions of what they need to do.

Everybody feels much better, working in a vibrant place,

As a positive Environment will put a smile upon your face,

So whether working remotely, or when we’re all together,

Our team should be a great place to work, for all and for forever.

Our Vision is the future, what we want to see,

Going from where we are today, to where we want to be.

Stretching yet achievable, so it will inspire,

Individuals and our team, to raise performance higher.

Diversity and respect, so we can celebrate,

Our individuality, and how we operate,

It’s just the way we are; there’s no right or wrong,

So let’s appreciate our differences, so we can get along.

Reflection is important, a chance to stop, look back,

What’s gone well in what we’ve done, and what’s taken us off track.

To continue to learn and improve are the things we need,

If we are to perform at our best, and as a team succeed.

Transformation helps our team create ideas to sow,

That we agree to implement, to help our team to grow.

For we don’t want to stagnate, doing everything the same,

We want to go beyond this, achieving greater fame.

It is through these 16 Elements, that we’ll make our team great,

Our success is down to all of us, in our hands, our fate.

Team DyNAmics helps us achieve what is our dream,

Which we all know is to be a high-performing team.

This poem appears in the book, Team Lead Succeed.

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Author of Amazon Best Seller, Team Lead Succeed. Award-winning teamologist & speaker. Creator of the Team DyNAmics Model.

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Nick Fewings

Nick Fewings

Author of Amazon Best Seller, Team Lead Succeed. Award-winning teamologist & speaker. Creator of the Team DyNAmics Model.

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