New Year New $171.55 Plan

This new year of 2017 is going to be a year in which I send a postcard/letter every day to a friend, family member, elected official, pen pal, or anyone that comes to mind that day.

$0.47 a stamp x 365 days = $171.55 plan

A friend stated that this was going to be their resolution for 2017, and I jumped all over it to join them. I really love sending snail mail, and will be great to take pause and write something each day.

Maybe it was just me, but 2016 seemed like even more static noise than in the past. So many quick careless posts ( “HBD!” landing on pages of people no longer with us — did the sender even notice?) and close minded political posts (Either you are a snowflake or a racist. . ) Does anyone remember any of these posts/moments in a week or a month or in a year? I would argue not. So here’s to less bs noise and hopefully more memorable correspondence.

Looking forward to putting pen to paper and keyboard to 8.5 x 11 this upcoming year. Happy New Year !

(Also filing this as the #OneSeventyOnePlan if you want to join in or see any updates down the line.)