Trend Micro blocking Autodesk & Newforma

For anyone who upgraded your networks’ antivirus to use the latest Trend Micro Worry Free Services Cloud and now your users are unable to launch Newforma or/and Autodesk products, specifically Autodesk Revit. . . This post explains steps to add a program to your Trend Micro’s exclusions list. Writing this down for others, as I was able to find way to add folders to exclusion in the Trend Docs, but was unable to find how to add specific programs to exclusions list. Anyhow the answer lies in the Behavior Monitoring section.

  1. Log into your cloud dashboard — select Device under group on left and then click Configure Policy

2. Select Behavior Monitoring

3. If you launch Revit it will stall on the start screen, but you can locate in task manager and use right click to view file location. I recommend this to make sure you get the location where the .exe file in use is. But you can skip ahead if you know where your program lives. For our office, the Revit.exe is located in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2016

4. Now in Trend Cloud Dashboard under Behavior Monitoring add the full program path to the program’s .exe file and then be sure to click save.

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2016\Revit.exe

5. The dashboard will inform you that settings should be updated in 5–10 minutes, you can also go to a local computer and open the Trend Console from tool bar and click Update to test/update these new settings faster.

6. Hopefully your users can now use Revit or Newforma again and this was helpful and saved you some time with troubleshooting.