Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

You make many solid points but also contradict yourself throughout the entire piece. It reads more and more like a rant than a carefully written article. Apple knows exactly who this Mac is for. It’s faster, more capable, has a better display and more features than the one it replaces. It can be used in all the “professional” scenarios that you outlined, including your own. You haven’t used the Touch Bar. Like many Apple products, people love to criticize it before they ever use it. If you’re going to complain about the ports or required dongles or lack of MagSafe that’s fine. But you applaud the move to USB-C and then say they have no vision of the future. That is exactly their vision. A powerful, portable computer than can hook into anything with one port. It can run two 5k displays and super-fast external RAID solutions simultaneously. It’s backwards compatible and future proof.

You loved the MacBook and now hate the MacBook Pro for exactly the same reasons. Apple knows its customers and very well knows the impact of it’s products. I think it’s you who hasn’t thought this through. You’ll be seeing these MacBook Pros everywhere and we’ll forget all about this.

(To be fair I don’t think they’re perfect either. HDMI and SD-card would have been great to keep but I don’t think there was room. Would have loved to see a MagSafe USB-C solution. Many pros prefer NVIDIA cards but I don’t think they compete on ultra-portable solutions which Apple needs. Every “mobile” GPU they make is in a huge clunky laptop.”