“Questions From My Dreams”

Truth and happiness, 
What would you choose? 
Would you choose to learn the truth and never get to taste happiness because, the lie that was hidden inside of it will hunt you down for the rest of your life? 
Or learn the truth so you regret to why you trusted that person ? 
Or learn the truth because it’s a path towards freedom and forgiveness as well... Which side would you take when the coin faces are so hard to choose even with the game of tossing? 
Would you choose to be happy and be blinded with what and why you are happy... 
Is your happiness having a compass to lead you to the sincere and pure smile and laughter from the happiness you chose? 
Are you ready to be happy without knowing the truth behind it? 
Or you just going to let it slide and go with the flow, and experience weeping heavily eventually, 
Can you move on from whatever that holds you from knowing the truth behind the happiness you have? 
Are there some lies hidden behind the truth you seek to make you happy?? 
Pray to God for a wise mind... 
And use it wisely 
When the wisdom visits your dilemma and ignorance, use it smartly, and figure out if you are ready for the responsibilities you’re going to get when you get to know the truth, and have happiness!