how to make a day great

The other day, Julie (my wife) asked me how my day was. “Great,” I answered. She turned, surprised a bit.

“What made it ‘great?’” she asked, emphasizing my reply.

I thought for a moment. I wasn’t sure. What did I do today? What made it great? Mmm…

early morning meeting, came home to get my kids and drop off at school, phone call with my mom, did a bunch of work at work, picked up kids, talked with a friend on the phone, went and did some more work, then came home again.

“I don’t know. I guess there was nothing specific that ‘made my day.’ Just approached it differently.”

“Like what?” she followed.

Now she had me wondering. What was it about THIS day? What made it different than the one the last time the earth whizzed around?

Here it is.

“My attitude was just different.
I tried to see the things that I did as a delight — things I GET to do instead of HAVE to do.
That attitude changed how I experienced my day. It changed everything.”

That’s it. An otherwise ho-hum-day became great.

Great days don’t depend on WHAT happens but HOW they happen.

The “what” is the weather. We can’t control the big, dark cloud anymore than the beautiful bright sun. But “how” we react to the weather is a choice.

Like my 2nd favorite Martha said:

“The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.” — Mrs. Washington

Internal postures (attitude), not daily events, make the day great.

If today is going to be great, it won’t be because of the weather. Or how our co-worker responds to our proposal or client reacts to our work. It won’t be because our kids did or did not clean up their room or I did or did not go for a run.

It’ll be because we practiced living today as a gift, some wild and magic grace that has never been lived before.

That is the attitude that will make just-another-day into a great one.