How To Find Happiness, Confidence & Just Be You.

Hi if you have just discovered me. I’m just another human on planet Earth trying to work out how this s**t works before I get too old to enjoy it or I get abducted by aliens or the world ends or the internet breaks and we are all left trying to figure out how to communicate again. So by sharing my experiences via blog and music I hope to be able to help in some way. Let me know 😀👍

(What My Songs Mean & How They Could Help You With Your Life)

Hello, I have put this together to firstly, give you my songs for free and to secondly, show you how my songs could help you to see life from a different perspective. I feel they could bring you happiness, give you confidence or even help you understand how to just be you. I know that creating them has helped me to deal with various emotions, situations and circumstances that have affected me in different ways. By exploring the meaning behind the lyrics with me, I hope, will give you an alternative view of your own emotions or situation. They may change your life or if you know a family member, friend or neighbour who would benefit, share with them, it could help. It is so important that we do something for someone, as it makes for a better world.
So, this is from me to you.

I don’t expect every song to be of relevence to you, so it’s ok if you skip to the song that rings true with you. All I ask is that you give that track a spin and I encourage you to comment with your own thoughts and interpretations as it is good practice to get them out of your head and to prevent brain overload. Plus, it is always good to talk. Every opinion is a valid one and it could help nudge you in the right direction for the right answers. Hey, if you want to have a chat, cool. Drop me a message on Twitter, Facebook or email.
Chat soon xNJWx

EP — Nick John Wilson

Released in 2013 to tell the story of my journey through music from the age of 18 to 30.

Follow Me Back

Have you ever found yourself somewhere, feeling like this is the place where you belong? I visited a part of Cornwall in South West England when I was in my early twenties and the beaches of golden sand and surf brought a sense of calm. When I got home, I wrote Follow Me Back to remind me that there is a place for all of us, we just have to find a way of getting there.

I wait every day for the moment I return
I wait every day for the moment I return
I think I’ve found a place for me
I never thought that it would be
But I have so much to do to get there again
It’s ok ‘cause

I’ll wait for the day that I go back to the sea
I’ll wait for that day that you follow me

I’m feeling quite happy ’cause I know I’m going back
I hope you come with me ’cause I’m going now
I went away for some time
Saw so many things that have changed my life
Fell in love with a place it’s a world of its own
I just wanted to stay.

Three Words

Have you ever found yourself unable to communicate how you really feel? Three Words is about, yes, you guessed it, that phrase that a lot of us struggle to connect with emotionally because of the stereotypes attached to it. Relationships can break down when we become unable to express how we feel. This makes it painful to deal with — then we shut off. Sometimes you can love so much that words can’t explain how you feel but that is not always enough. I think my conclusion here is, to not be afraid of how you feel. Be honest with yourself and to others and hopefully that will lead to less chaos. I LOVE YOU ❤️!!!

I’m tired of this break up
We fall apart every time we make up
I’m crying blind, your eyes shut
A tear drop
We have to stop

I shout you scream
Not sure if time can fix this dream
My heart speaks to you
Written on this page
My voice is never heard
But I’m screaming out three words
Screaming out three words
For you

I know that times are blue
But after all that we’ve been through
The crying blind, our eyes shut
The tear drops
They have to stop

Why shout, why scream
I hope that time can fix this dream
My heart speaks to you
Written on this page
My voice is never heard
But I’m screaming out three words
Screaming out three words
For you
I love you
I love you
I love you


Have you ever googled how to be happy? A few things to consider: Is what you are doing making you happy or are you just pleasing others? Are you just waiting for someone or something to come along or are you taking charge of your own happiness? This song came about when I was asking those very questions. Not to say that I found the answers over night but one thing I have learnt, is that you have to be happy in what you are doing, otherwise, what is the point?

Down and out, it’s not my time to go
Scream and shout, I have so much to show
Hear me sing my song
You know it’s been to long
No time to fall

So I pick myself up, I turn over the page
Singing out loud to my happiest days
And I changed it all for you
Yes I changed it all for you

Now I’m free, to be the man I should be
No more fear, only what I believe
I’ve been through so much
Now I am back in touch
With who I am

All the things I’ve done I would not change
They have made me who I am
Now it’s time to show just what I can do
This time for real
It’s how I feel.

My Time

Are you achieving the results and rewards you are working for? My Time is about taking back control of your direction, not waiting for something to happen but making it happen. It’s ok to have a routine and a job but having passion about what you do will make a huge difference to the results. Believe in you, what you do and get out there and do it.

I see the day at night and wonder if it’s alright
I don’t work 9 till 5 and I’m told that it’s not right
And I cry sometimes alone
But I know that situations change

’Cause I’m waiting, waiting for my time
I hate waiting, waiting for my time
I need saving from the rain I cry
I’m just waiting, waiting for my time with you

Now I see the sunrises and feel the morning breezes
I’ve created the me I wanted to be
Yeah I cried some times alone

Now I know that situations change
I’m done waiting, waiting for my time
I hated waiting, waiting for my time
Now I’m out of the rain that I cried

I’m not waiting, waiting for my time with you
I’m gonna be the one to make it
I’m gonna be the one to make it
I’m gonna be the one to make it


Is a lack of confidence holding you back? A very self explanatory song about shutting off, feeling safe and not taking the plunge into the big wide world because of the current security of where I was. It was a deep routed fear that held me back that I now understand and have dealt with through hypnosis. This may not be the answer for everyone but you have to work on understanding yourself to have a true confidence in what you do. It’s ok to take time out for you and to ask others for help. ✌️

In my world I close the doors
On my stage I have no crowd
Melodies go unseen, lost in my walls
Years I play for me to hear
I haven’t left at all
And I feel safe, safe with my fear

If I had more confidence
Then maybe I would get the chance
Maybe I wouldn’t
Have I always had it?
Just never knew it
We all know confidence

In my world I closed the doors
On my stage I had no crowd
Melodies gone unseen, lost in my walls
Years I played for me to hear I hadn’t left at all
Now I feel safe, safe with my fear

Every time, why I cry
Who’s to say how I feel inside
All these changes that I’ve made
It’s only a matter of time
Before I find myself for no one else.

Ask Why

Do you ask enough questions or do you say yes to everything? Ask Why is about learning and the importance of learning. In todays world it is very easy to be overwhelmed and consumed by lots of insignificancies thrown at us by the media and social situations. Knowledge is a good thing; it is not a class divider but a tool to bring us closer together so that we can understand each other better. Be your own leader of your life, think about it before you act on it. 👍

Some days you will find
It’s hard to open eyes
Open doors seem closed
It’s hard to see inside

Take my hand and lead me away
That’s the only way I know
Turn your back on things you don’t understand
Don’t ask why………

If you don’t ask why
Then you’ll never learn to spread your wings and fly
If you don’t just try
Then you’ll never learn to spread your wings and fly
Learn to fly……. Learn to fly…….

One day you will find
That people realise
What you have to give
And what you have inside
Take them by the hand and lead them away
Show them everything you know
You want that world of gold, that’s all that you need
Don’t ask why………

If you don’t ask why
Then you’ll never learn to spread your wings and fly
If you don’t just try
Then you’ll never learn to spread your wings and fly
If you don’t ask why
Then you’ll never learn to, never learn to spread your wings and fly


Have you ever wondered where your life is going? Roadtrip is about life, how we start as a blank canvas and have the ability to be, do or become anything we put our minds to. We can also just be a passenger and go along with what others have planned for us but if we take control, sit in the driver’s seat, we can go where ever we want to, creating the best memories for ourselves and others.

This video is of when I went to my first Summer Solstice at Stonehenge and it was an amazing experience.

When We start It’s all brand new,
So much to learn
No keys too,
Riding as a passenger
It’s up to you

To Take life by the reins
Keep pouring
Out the times you can
Hold on to all those memories
’Cause they’re the only ones you have
They make you who you are

You can make your
World so wonderful
It’s not that hard to do

If you Take life by the reins
Keep pouring
Out the times you can
Hold on to all those memories
’Cause they’re the only ones you have

You have the chance,
To choose the road,
Be who ever you want to be
It’s your trip, you can decide
Be free

They make you who you are
You make you who you are

Single — Night Owl

Released in 2014.

Most people have lost someone close to them and many people have lost someone or know someone who has lost somebody much too young. I wrote Night Owl for and with a close friend who tragically lost his son. This song has been a huge part of the grieving process for friends and family but as a celebration of life rather than the melancholic alternatives, hence its upbeat vibe. Here is the video to remember the good times.

Batman, superman, pentagram, five pointed star
Where there’s a will, there’s a way
Individual, change without change,
Moments and memories too.

You were the one with bright blue eyes,
That walked the walk and changed our lives forever
Will you be with me, I know so, we will meet again,
I hope so

Night Owl, dragonfly, let the water settle,
You’re the brightest star up in the sky, yeah
The life of an angel, white feathers drift away,
Reflecting on the other side for ghosts in the echoes

Climb out the water into the sun, spread your wings
I have the will to start again, make the most of it,
Shake up the world, drive on through, so fly.

Album — Something For Someone

Released valentines day 2015.


I thought I would continue my journey into the second album by starting with an acoustic version of this song.

Walking In Shadows

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost your purpose? By that, I mean, have you ever got to a point in life where you have stepped back and really reviewed everything you have done or are doing due to a shake up or a want for change but you have always avoided making that change. It’s a tough decision to break away from the ‘normal’ routine but you know deep down that it will be for the best. There is always something positive to move towards.

Wandering around no friends no hope
I need a change
All the things I had
I lost myself, my life my time

Wishing, will things get better?
Hoping that time will come
Now that the tide is turning,
Why have I Been on the run
’Cause I’m

(I’m) Walking in shadows
Throughout the night
I see the sun
My eyes are open
Future looks bright
You make me happy

Gonna Kick my bad habits
Try something new
Wash out the nightmares
My mind is now open
I see it so clear
I woke and my dreams came true

I’m running out of time now
Is my life here done?
There’s no going back now
I’m still on the run
’Cause I’m

Just Be You

The hardest part of life is working out where we see ourselves on the social battlefield. Where do I fit in? Who am I? It may seem like hard work but the answer is to take the time to really get to know who you are. What makes you happy, smile, laugh and feel good? Explore all the options, be honest to yourself and others and you will be surrounded by the right people for the right reasons.

It’s all work and no play
Just for today, just for today
I guess finding the right path
Just ain’t the same, ain’t the same
The secret I’ve been told
Is to enjoy yourself while you can
’Cause only you
Can make the change to put it right

Only you can be the one to decide
Only you can show what’s really inside
Just take your time
Don’t try to hide
Just be you
Just be you

All the lonely times you’ve had
Sitting just wondering where to go
Things just never seem the same
When your fear is to blame
Now it’s time.


Escapism has its place but we have to be careful that we do not live in a fantasy, disconnected from the current reality. We all have a sad story to tell but I know that the happy endings far outweigh the sad ones if we really think about it. Escapes was written when I really didn’t want to face up to things, so I hid away in bed and broke social connections, which was the worst thing I could have done. Sometimes being in our own heads can be dangerous and it is best I think, to talk about things, even if it means talking to a stranger. This is easiest, because potentially, you’ll never see them again but hopefully they’ll add an insight into things. Unless you’re chatting to the local drunk, although, that could be a spiritual experience. Meditation or just taking five minutes a day or week to think about things can help but you have to address situations and talk about them before they escalate.

I don’t believe in fairy tale fantasy
But only things I see
Optical illusions create confusion
But in my head I’m free

My life, my story
Almost happy endings
Too much to choose
My situation but
We all need escapes

I make myself feel better
Because no one else can help
Confused my issues with my dreams
But in my head I’m free.

The Music Club

Have you ever overcome being nervous? The Music Club is about my first gig as a solo artist and I was so nervous. It was an odd experience, considering that I had done all of these other things involving conquering a fear, yet, as soon as I was put in the spotlight, I would be sweating like a diabetic in a sweet shop. Well, I did it. I took that step, the audience clapped and here I am, a career in music that has spanned over ten years and counting.

I’ve done some scary stuff in my time,
Been the one aimed at in the goal I used to skate everywhere,
Jumping houses, cars in my way But not today
I’ve seen the mountains from the sky,
Boarded down the other side And prayed,
I didn’t hit that tree

These are just a few of the crazy things I’ve done
I’ve learnt to drive a car as well
I’ve never been so petrified,
Never sworn in my life, Until, I played,

At the music club. A friend of mine called Bob,
Said everything would be cool, but I didn’t have a stool
He sat me on a chair, in front of everybody there,
And I was so scared
It was my first solo show, and little did I know,
I’d be ok
I was you know.

Job Happy

That leads us nicely into the song Job Happy and being in a job that makes you happy. Money is not the answer to this. Money is a tool that will help you maintain a lifestyle and once we get over having the latest pointless accessory then we are able to enjoy the finer things in life, like travel, cultures, food and health. We all stress about bills but we don’t have to if we are Job Happy and money smart. Ask yourself this; Is it essential? Will it change my life dramatically long term? Will this make me feel good long term? I have not set out to become a famous celebrity in the modern sense, as in this song I mention the pressures that come with the job, which is ironic, yes, but it is not the be all and end all. If my talent is recognised, then that is great, if my talent pays the bills, great, but if I am not happy, then there is no point doing the job no matter how talented or well paid.

When you’re young and figuring out your life
Many things may come your way
Just be sure and focused on what you want
It will be hard, just let me say

Get yourself a job that pays all of your bills
But happiness is always key
Being a star is not the best way to get there
Just look at what they have to do….

Get your picture taken now
Get your face on to the TV screen
In the light you want it now
When you’re there you will not feel so keen ’cause you
See yourself on glossy tabloid tables
The story of the day Save yourself from paps and the cameras
Why would you wanna live that way?

Night Owl

So for the album version of night out, I thought that I would slim it down to an acoustic version.

Rocket To The Moon

I was in a very low place when I wrote Rocket To The Moon. Thoughts of suicide but never the commitment. I would think of the inconvenience on others, mess, cost, pain and time implications. So, to cheer myself up I wrote this silly number about monkeys, aliens, space and tea. The song alludes to my fears of homelessness and wanting to get away from the daily stresses. The super glue reference is to do with mind altering substances, marijuana, in my case, and sounded better than Doobie Doo. The story concludes with coming back to reality; not having the time for mind altering substances, as I have too much to do than waste my life doing nothing and worrying about what might happen. 🚀

Put me in a box and send me off to space
Where the aliens and monkeys play
I’ve got nothing to do, so pass the super glue
So I can build a rocket to the moon

You could meet me there, in a great big rocking chair
And all the pretty colours of the world
When we finally meet, I’ll be tapping both my feet
To the never ending rhythm of my heart

When we sit for tea I’ll tell you, baby you and me, I’ll tell you
We could live together happily
In a great big cardboard box with great big double locks
And a tiny little dog for security
Each and every holiday, we’d spend it on the Milky Way
Breathing in the gasses of Uranus

When we get back home baby, pick up the telephone baby
And tell the lovely people where we’ve been
We got into that box and set off to outer space
Where the aliens and monkeys play
We’ve got stuff to do so no more super glue,
’Cause I’ve finished with my rocket to the moon
Finished with my rocket to the moon.

Coming Home

This is about being at the top of your game, having it all but not being fulfilled in the position you are in and having to pretend you are someone you no longer are. You’ve had some great times but it’s now time to be the you you want to be. 👍
And here is a music video.

Been conquering crowds with my band
Played to kings and queens
Every night the same routine
Down to the rhinestone jeans

In the high life no piece of mind
Uniform of a superstar
Stuck on the skin of an everyday man

I’m coming home, it’s been too long
Been out on the road too long
Travelling man, that’s who I am
Just take my hand, across our broken land

Nothing now to prove, no mountains to climb
To folk I left behind
I’d sing some old songs, in shady lit bars
Of a young mans hopeful dreams

Seen it all, circle now complete
Had the world at my feet
Those are my memories to keep Now……

Something For Someone

Have you ever fully committed emotionally to someone or something? This is about taking that leap of faith with your heart and giving something to someone else instead of being only focused on yourself.

Give me a sign that it will all work out
I love every word that I could hear from your mouth
My eyes for you see stars a million miles away
That’s where I wanna be, with only you

I hope that you hear me thinking aloud
I hope that you hear me falling so hard
I hope that you hear me give you my heart
I’m giving my something for someone

We dance tonight, silent embrace, just wanna shout
I love every step that we’ve taken so far
Giant leap for your kind heart to be swept away
That’s where I wanna be, with only you

It’s yours; nothing will change time for a single beat
I’ve never felt this way for anyone, so….

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed it & got something from it, tap the clap button below. It helps others see this and would make me super happy ;-)

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