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Nikita Karamov
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Note: this article was initally written in Russian for my Telegram blog. You can read the original here.

Ways to effectively declutter my life become bigger of interest to me as I get older. I started to get more convinced that organization and minimalism do lead to greater efficiency and contribute to a more pleasant life.

There are many ways to bring organization into your life — by doing a Conmarie-style cleanup, putting events into calendars or tracking every second of your time. Sometimes it can be difficult to get started and it’s difficult to incorporate yourself into this system…

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

One of the assignments I got at my university’s IT-Security classes was to create a small Python script that would create and send an empty TCP packet with desired flags to the desired host and port combo. This could be easily achieved with scapy, but here’s the catch — we weren’t allowed to use scapy for this assignment.

Building the packet itself didn’t cause problems, checksum did. I searched the entire WWW to find answers but the only thing I found was some spaghetti code that didn’t work (at least in Python 3). …

And how I learned it the hard way

Alright, alright, I’m guilty. I have been using the same password on various different websites. It all started in 2012, when I was young and careless and couldn’t wrap my head around the concepts of password generators and 2FA and so on. Almost seven years worth of websites, apps, services I have signed up for — and nearly all of them had the same password.

The password wasn’t strong by any means. It consisted of four letters, that can be derived from my name, and four digits, that can be derived from my date of birth. …

A totally relevant picture since it got pipes in it

or How I spent the entire day looking at failed builds

CI is cool. You push to your repo, and some server does all the dirty job for you — building, testing, deploying and even distributing. All you have to do is to keep coding — and make sure your builds are passing.

Not before you spend an entire day setting up your .yml file.

I was surprised by how little information there is regarding CI setup. I had to look through a dozen different projects and articles before I could finally create the perfect config that works (well, at least for me). …

Three main JetBrains tools I use

Hello, my dear readers. Never have I ever wrote a post on Medium, but I think there always is a place to start. Three Russian guys, namely Sergey Dmitriev, Valentin Kipiatkov and Eugene Belyaev, also thought like this and have founded in the year 2000 a company named IntelliJ, based in Prague. 2001 they released their first software product — IntelliJ Renamer, a refactoring solution for Java. Back then they used to have 7 employees and 400 customers. Today the JetBrains (ex. …

Nikita Karamov

an aspiring web developer and language enthusiast

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