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Hi friends, followers, and other people interested in my words. It’s been a while!

Many of you will have found my work when I was writing and publishing new content every day in February. In March I wrote quite a bit less because as it turns out, publishing for 29 days straight is hard work.

And with March came COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus. Suddenly my Medium feed was filled with articles about it. How to work from home, how to be a writer amidst a global pandemic, and probably thousands more.

Look, I get it, writing about current events will always be popular. The same thing happened on Medium (and across the entire internet)when Kobe Bryant passed away. …

3 steps to a polished, professional appearance

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A great LinkedIn profile can make you more money.

I haven’t cold-applied for a job in years because I have recruiters reaching out to me non-stop.

If you’re serious about growing your career, the only social network you should use is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is full of inspiring stores and people. But here’s the thing, all your posts will be seen by every professional connection you have.

Your grandma isn’t on LinkedIn. Chances are your parents aren’t either.

No one posts photos of their dogs or what hip and trendy place they ate at for lunch.

People are posting about their successes at work. Their new job at huge companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple. …

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I’ve been working remotely full-time for the last 12 months out of my house in Austin, Texas.

I’m not a digital nomad. I have a wife, dog, and cat that all prefer to have a stable home.

Now that everyone is writing about work from home tips I thought I’d write about what it’s like to work remotely for a long period of time. There are some simple things that everyone talks about:

  • Yes, you need to eat healthily.
  • Yes, you need to take breaks, walk around, stretch, and work out if you’re really ambitious.
  • Yes, getting a second monitor is a must. …


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