This is a paraphrase of Mojgani’s Thesis.

We have taken the time to transcribe Mojgani’s TEDxConcordia talk because, in his talk, he mentions all the core concepts of SOLeducation. We say: “Exercise Learning Instincts”. He says: “Be Fearless: Allow Your Nobility to Actualize”.

He mentions assertive empowerment:

“[I am] nothing more special than any of you. There are talents inside us which allow to excel in different ways than those that surround us and these talents lie innate and every one of us and it’s only a matter of discovering their location unearthing it and holding it up to the light of the world and announcing:”


This is the “SOL Adventure”: Experiencing the 16 vocational archetypes in so many different ways that one can’t help but eventually realize when they’ve tapped into their unique ability and exclaiming:


Our goal and Mojgani’s poetry share the same spirit. We’d encourage you to enjoy his spoken word, then, if drawn to further contemplation, please enjoy the transcript below:



A bow and arrow both remember the same tree they were bent out of,
How, in another body they both once sucked up water and light greedily.
The magic of their past is something scientific.
There is something in music which forgets us.
When we listen we are remembered,
The science of this is something Magical.
When you stand on a rooftop in the dark,
And the sky and the stars sit above you like a collection of mirrors that live too far away to see what they are reflecting,
and their bodies can be described as being both loud and silent in the same moment.
and there is a stillness that surrounds you.
A stillness that covers your knees,
Comes up to your waist,
Submerges your whole body,
Your tiny existence until you no longer know what part of you “is” and what part of you “is not” of The universe.
There’s a conversation that happens.
A conversation between yourself and the world around you.
That conversation is us talking to ourselves.
So, call this year
“The Year of the synonym”,
“The Year Where the Synonym is Made Whole”,
Call this year “Where Innocence of Outcome,”
“Is Propelled Forward into Action”.
Call me naive,
But I still believe in the power of goodness.
It is not simply a way to live one’s life
But rather, how our bodies are built to operate.
That there is nobility programmed into our hearts.
For the last 6 years I’ve made my living as a poet
I travel all over the states,
I do shows and festivals for various audiences, diverse sizes, diverse types.
I spend, on average, about 4 to 6 months on the road
And the rest of the year, I have the freedom to sit home and diligently write and create.
In principle.
It is a Wonder though,
It is a Blessing,
That I get to see this world because of poetry.
That I get to support myself with something that I love to do.
Something that I love to do.
And this isn’t anything special,
I don’t feel like there’s anything inherently special about this.
While the job of a poet is not an everyday, run-of-the-mill occupation.
At least a poet that doesn’t starve,
Um, it is, nothing special.
There’s nothing special about me,
Except perhaps my eyelashes,
My eyelashes are about the longest one will ever encounter,
Um, so nothing special about me except for my eyelashes,
and everything else,
But nothing more special than any of you or any of us,
There are talents inside us which allow to excel in different ways than those that surround us and these talents lie innate and everyone of us and it’s only a matter of discovering their location unearthing it and holding it up to the light of the world and announcing:
“This is me!”
“This is what I can do!”
“What I can do!”
How one does this, I believe, comes down to my belief in three things:
  1. As mentioned, We are inherently Noble.
  2. The universe believes in us. We cannot fall. Simply land.
  3. We must not fear decision. When we take this fearlessness and apply it to that inherent nobility a Courage awakens in us that enables us to move through risk to take risks in order to more fully embrace our happiness and more fully realize the people that we are.
I was born little, and I grew up little
In small house in New Orleans Louisiana.
Willow Street, my mother had a bookstore,
My father drew bridges and highways.
She gardened on Saturdays,
He made us pizza.
On nights when it dropped below freezing she would wrap the plants in blankets and drag the tall ones inside.
My father would wrap the pipes with tape and allow them to drip throughout the night.
It was an average life.
Nothing more or less specials than the families we were surrounded by.
Our screen door was green, our porch was small and grey.
I remember one frozen morning my sister and I’s Shoes skated across its icy surface.
When my brother came into this world we planted a tree next to the street.
We jumped off of the front steps.
We biked blocks.
We played football between the park the cars until the street lamps came on.
After lights-out we red via flashlight beneath the bed sheets.
It was a good life.
It was a good life.
At that age everything about me with something to be mocked,
Something to be made fun of,
I was always the tiniest kid in class,
My name is one letter away from the word ‘anus’.
Half-Persian and Half-Black and looking neither,
I was always more than just a little bit weird,
I was rarely picked on,
Never beat up,
Nothing malicious happened,
At least, not that I can recall.
I cannot remember a childhood of struggle, but, rather one that was a joyous experience.
And this experience of joy, I feel, was largely because of how my parents allowed me and my siblings to blossom forth in accordance with who we were as people.
When my wife and I were visiting home last fall my mother shared with us how important and difficult it is to maintain the ability to provide your children with the tools that will enable them to deal with whatever situations that might arise,

To allow them to be resilient and that’s its resilience should be centered in their confidence and their assurance of who they are.

Now whether a struggle did happened or didn’t happen or whether I just remembering faultily is irrelevant.
It’s a testament of the same thing:
Our parents instilled in us the courage,
Or rather, the allowance,
The unspoken permission,
To Simply Be Ourselves.
To be ourselves.
Springtime in New Orleans brings Magnolias and caterpillars,
A lot of sunshine,
A lot of oak trees,
And a lot of open windows,
A lot of open windows it gets hot down there,
Half a mile from my house the levy rows, holding the Mississippi in its arms.
And the train tracks ran between it and our house and under the moon the train tracks and the river water both shine silver.
At night I would lie under that open window listening to the train bells ring in the distance, watching the moon hold yourself over the dark land,
At bed time my mother would sing to us,
She would sing:

“Ye are the stars in the heavens of understanding,

The soft Flowing Waters upon which you must depend the life of all man”

It was a prayer by Bahá’u’lláh. Bahá’u’lláh is the prophet and founder of the Baha’i faith which is the religion my parents practice and the one that I follow.
Bahá’u’lláh writes that:
“Noble have I created thee”
What a word!
What a glorious word!
The universe created us Noble,
This walks with me.
Everyday, in all that I do,
There’s a joyous Beauty in the beings that we are
We are created Noble,
and this nobility is inscribed on every one of our hearts,
This is what my parents gave us.
What my mother told me every night:
That all of us,
“We are the stars in the heavens”
The stars in the heavens upon which must depend the life of all men.
When we recognize the belief in ourselves and the believe in others,
This can carry a people,
It can lift us.
We become extraordinary,
When we realize how extraordinary our existence is!
So, call this “The Year of Putting the Fire Out” and
“Building the Bonfires Back Up Again”.
This time taller.
This time hotter.
I believe that the universe speaks to us.
When I was a boy there was an issue of Spider-Man I recall reading that guest starred as a mustachioed mysterious Doctor Strange, Doctor Strange the purveyor of alternate dimensions and Parallel sciences stated, and I quote:
“Magic is simply undiscovered science”
How simple, how apparent, how true!
I’ve carried this comic book word alone in my thoughts for 25 years now.
That is a long time.
That is a long time to be caring a funny book in your thoughts.
But, magic is only undiscovered science and science thus, is merely discovered MAGIC.
This is incredible to me.
Every atom in our bodies
It comes from a star
Simply put:
In the expanse of the universe. In the burning gas of stars.
Atoms were fused and elements formed.
And these pulsating stars collapsed and exploded however many eons ago, however many eons ago, sending these particles, these building blocks of matter,
To fall and form and collect and create the planets.
This planet,
And the lifeforms upon it.
Carl Sagan says the nitrogen in our dna,
The calcium in our teeth,
The iron in our blood,
The carbon in our apple pies,
Were all made in the interior of collapsing stars.
That’s astounding!
Hot Damn!
My wife, she believes in the microscope.
And I, in the telescope.
She believes in the power of the earth.
There is in something in it she is drawn towards.
In the power of the earth there is something in it that she is drawn towards.
The molecules, the cells, the biology, how the mechanics of nature works.
How our muscles move,
How the blood flows,
She believes in what she can pick up.
What she can see.
Because, what’s inside it are doorways into a myriad of other realities
and these ways pull at my wife.
Are the ways in which the night pulls at me.
It is as if when the night begins, a chorus rises
It’s not so much and nights versus Daylight sort of thing, but rather that at night the stars are lumened in their part to me to call home in that direction
That call is a question,
A bag of questions!
Wondering how the mechanics of nature works.
How our muscles move.
How our blood flows.
Where we come from.
What are we made out of?
What are we a part of?
My wife and I believe in very similar things,
And we search for them in different ways,
The only difference between the microscope and the telescope is their usage:
One makes that which is bigger, smaller.
The other makes that which is smaller larger.
Mr. Sagan says “We are way for the universe to know itself”,
“Some parts of us remember where we came from”.
“We long to return”
Inside of us, at times, I feel there is a mysterious longing,
A longing that has no center no answer and perhaps, that longing is that return.
To What We Came From,
Where We Are,
Who We Are,
So, call this the year of letting the stars back inside.
Of building the solar system back up.
Perhaps this is mumbo-jumbo
Perhaps it is Magic
Perhaps it is partially discovered science.
Every December my friends and I we name of the approaching year
“Year of the Joe”
“Year of the Rick”
It started with names within our circle of friends and then grew to include others, such as our Strange neighbor:
“Year of The Purt”
And, into more fanciable imaginative areas, such as:
“Year of the Sun Princess”
The year 2012, we have dubbed:
“The Year of No Mistakes”
And, what I find fascinating about this is that, my initial reaction is that,
In the year of no mistakes, this means I’m not allowed to make any.
There so much pressure upon me.
But, as opposed to that,
It becomes that,
In the year of no mistakes,
You are not allowed to make any,
Simply because:
You can’t,
Any choice you make will be the right one made.
Very often, I feel the right choices lie before us we get so consumed with what the correct outcome might be.
“Which of these decisions that we make will be the most rewarding path of my life?”
“Which one to choose? Which one to choose?”
And we find ourselves frozen with this anxiety,
What if the other choice disappeared?
What if the magnificence of who we are with no longer held captive by the fear of decision?
Between two choices,
Whichever choice you make will be the right one made.
The path you’re on you cannot fall off,
No matter how hard you try.
So, call this “The Year of No Mistakes”.
“The Year of the Heavy Sword, but Stronger Hands”.
The year where we are no longer stuck in the street,
But found somewhere between the asphalt and the Moon.
Inside a sheath of arrows, turning itself into the wind.
The year we turn our hearts towards lights.
With the realization and acceptance of not only how utterly magnificent every one of us is,
But, that this magnificence is something we cannot help but carry with us.
There is Joy inside of you waiting to be heard!
Listen for it and of the spaces it speaks from,
Follow those spaces.
Do not tremble before the boulder blocking the entrance into yourself!
Do not tremble before the boulder blocking your entrance out of yourself!
You cannot fall.
You are Noble.
The universe is a part of you.
And you are a part of it.
And every piece of it is made of Science and Magic.
Every part you is Science and Magic.
Thank you.

All credit and thanks to Anis and TEDx.

This transcription, was made possible, in part, by Google’s Voice Typing Tool on Google Docs. We started the TED talk on YouTube and then we hit the microphone button on Google Docs.

The transcription was about 80% accurate.

To proofread, we played the video four more times at half speed to get the spelling and formatting corrected.