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Jason Fried

The Matrix for Life


After 10 years of studying human development and cognitive processing,

After 5 years of attempting to integrate the science of ideal social-emotional developmental conditions and mental capacity into the programs at a learning farm and adventure ranch in the poorest county in the United States… I decided that I should make a book, a video game, an app, a something that would help teachers ANYWHERE, convey these insights to their students (or themselves) regardless of access to a ranch, farm, zip-line, what-have-you…

I was organizing a decade worth of files and books, paper and digital… I flailed around, and while flailing, I stumbled upon the 12Survivors Quiz.

And suddenly everything CLICKED.

These Vocational Archetypes represent, according to them, the skill-sets that maintain emotional, physical, and mental well-being in a time of disorder.

Meaning, actually:


These are tangible, embodied manifestations of the traits believed to be bedrock to actualized human development: The 19 traits of Actualized people as discovered by Abraham Maslow and published by Donald Van de Mark in The Good Among the Great.

I embedded those 19 traits into 16 Vocational Archetypes.

Those traits and Archetypes then become the Y axis which can be segmented into four subsections.

What goes on the X axis?



That’s right. You name it. A book, a movie, a podcast, a business…

Give it a column and then divided it according its intersections with the 16 archetypes.

This is the SOL curriculum.

16 Points

Divide any subject matter by these 16 points and watch all of the cross-disciplinary relevance reveal itself.

Diffuse the Paradox of Choice and Infuse the Innovation of Multi-Disciplinary and Outsiders Perspectives.

Reduce your complexity. Increase relevance.

SOL 1.0.

All of that has shaped:

  • Four Illustrated Activity Books,
  • Two Training Manuals,
  • A Library of Teaching Aids,
  • A Rubric for Student Assessment, and
  • A Card Game.

Thanks for the reminder Jason.

And, thanks for BaseCamp — My freelancing would be much more complex without your platform.

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