Where Are All the Girls?
Corynne Cirilli

Two established authors who write with strong female leads are Scott Westerfield (The Uglies Trilogy) and Ayn Rand (ignore political preconceptions, these female characters are awe inspiring). Stargirl is also a powerful story.

This last year I’ve written four illustrated activity books that have active, assertive female characters.

Through this March, I’ll be working with the help of a startup incubator to get these stories formatted with their illustrations, ready for digital distribution in April.

  1. Sasquatchers- All the activities are initiated by a young girl named Kili.
  2. Mars 1- This book compels the readers to assign themselves roles within the story, so, gender flexible.
  3. ZAP- This book has a young female lead and includes gender discussions (ZAP 2 will be from a young male perspective).
  4. SuperMax (not exactly for children, but important to cover as soon as you think your children are old enough)- This book is written from a male’s perspective… but as soon as I finish Orange is the New Black, I will write a SuperMax two from a female perspective.

This is an overview of the SOL Adventure Books.

This is a breakdown of the core concepts. These are all base upon the teaching style of “Whole Human Development” a concept that encourages emotional intelligence and vocational competence in addition to the conventional academic common cores.

Hope you enjoy!