Dispelling the Conditioned Misconceptions of Cosmetic Enhancements & Procedures

Coming into the cosmetic enhancement industry for the first time as a professional marketer years ago, I had some significant misconceptions about it much like the rest of the world still holds today.

After a number of fast paced years under my belt now in the advertising and marketing channels of this vertical, I can say without hesitation that reality of it is not what the media and mainstream television would have you believe.

In short, the plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement industry is not about vanity, looking ridiculous, or outshining others.

What is it about? It’s truly about improving one’s self-confidence, and as my boss, Dr. Andrew Campbell (Facial Plastic Surgeon and founder of Quintessa® Aesthetic Centers) — and I would go so far as to call him an “Aesthetic Visionary” — would say, it’s about “looking the way you feel on the inside.”

Why do people think it’s purely superficial?

Mainstream media and “reality TV’s” ways of sensationalizing the most absurd and unethical treatments people have undergone, have painted this picture of the industry that everyone is just crazy looking, or vain, or mentally unstable. Massive lips, over-filled face, ostentatious breast implants… the list goes on. Believe it or not, more people than you realize have has cosmetic procedures performed and you would not even realize it. I myself, have regular Botox® injected in my forehead to prevent lines from showing. I have my skin lasered using BroadBand Light and Halo by Sciton to resurface my skin to reduce pore sizes, and overall keep my skin healthy and vibrant. You wouldn’t know it, except for the fact that I actually look much younger than I am, and as I continue to age and take care of myself, I will continue to look the way I feel on the inside. I do it for me. No one else.

My primary mission: To help individuals understand the emotional component of taking on age-defying procedures, services, and products, and that the perceptions many people hold of those who participate in such procedures, services, and products, are simply skewed, and hypocritical. Again, look around and think about it for a moment. Life is not reality TV. More people than you realize, even those you love and hold dear, have had something done and you don’t even realize it. If not, they have certainly thought about it, but have not taken the step because of the negative social stigma that people hold about “enhancing” their features.

Don’t agree with me? You must brush your teeth, right? Thats because you want to keep them white and healthy, so you don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of needing false teeth as you get older to chew or show someone your pretty smile. Do you cut your hair and style it? Do you bathe to be clean and smell good? Do you wear nice clothes? Do you use a moisturizer? Do you wear nice shoes? That’s because something inside of you enjoys these things, or you want to make great first impressions and maintain the style and youth that you have come to know and want to hold onto. The youth that you recognize yourself as having.

I have a mission…

After seeing the true reality of this industry at its deepest roots, it has become my mission to take the steps necessary to market this industry in a way that counteracts the negative image “reality television” (how ironic) and mainstream media depict this industry as being. I want to take the emotional approach of what this does for people and their confidence. You’re not simply “buying boobs” or “big lips” or whatever else you can think of…

You’re investing in your own self-confidence so you can live a life where you are happy being the best YOU that you can be.

This industry is not what some may want you to think it is, and if you take a moment, to really think about your life and your level of self-confidence, you would take a chance on it too if you truly understood how great you could feel. You already do these things without even realizing it. Why not take it a few steps further? We can all use a little confidence boost in such a hyper critical world today.

Let’s talk about it! What are your stories? Thinking of trying some services?

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