Yelp is the bane of my existence.

This company is completely illogical and theoretically unethical on multiple levels.

At the time of writing this, our company currently has a 2.5 star rating because 4 (two 5star, two 1 star) reviews out of 12 are "algorithmically chosen" to show up as "recommended reviews"

Two of these 1 star reviews are genuinely false and blatantly offensive and slanderous.

The remaining 8 reviews which are ALL genuine 5 star reviews from our patients, have landed themselves into the "not recommended" section which is basically purgatory.

I have spoken to yelp and told them the situation, and they claim they can do nothing. I find this to be a blatant lie. We have spent money with these people before, but I refuse to do it any longer to promote our business when it only shows a 2.5 star rating in a flawed rating system.

Has anyone dealt with this situation before? I'm not looking to have the 1 star reviews removed, i'm looking to have our 5 star "not recommended reviews" actually visible and factored into our rating.

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