Your Sales Emails Are Too Predictable & I Ignore Them

Short thoughts on how you can avoid people like me, avoiding you.

I wanted to get this off my mind. Let’s chat for a moment. I want to help.

I get it, you’re in sales. You have to hit up as many different people from as many different angles as you can to convert. It’s a numbers game. I know, I used to have to do it myself. Being a marketer and in the past, the guy who had to scrape to find clients as a sales rep, I had to get pretty creative to grab the attention of my target clients. Let me also say I highly respect what you do. It takes a lot of skill and practice to be successful at sales. Which is why I’m writing this. I feel as if the practices marketers have created today are doing you a dis-service, and honestly, making you lazy compared to tactics of the past.

In this growing age of marketing — sorry, “digital content marketing” as most of you classify it today— you feel you have to rely heavily on automation pieces that your marketing teams set up for you in your CRM to batch those touch points you need in order to make those numbers you are looking for.

Many of you are assigned contacts that flow in from lead forms on your website. Those leads normally want the service you are offering and simply need to convert. This is a different story.

As a marketer, I think your current sales tactics are doing you a dis-service and we are to blame.

Let me be fair and single out those of you selling a digital service because that’s primarily what I am bombarded with. You don’t have to be the boilerplate. Most of the time the automated messages are being filtered out from my inbox or I have become accustomed to recognizing when you did not actually write it. This is what bothers me the most today. We as marketers have enabled this behavior based on the technologies and tactics we have developed to increase touch points and conversions. Ironically, it doesn’t work on us.

I know most of you don’t have a choice in what is automated and sent out for you. I have a point to this, and I will be getting to it very shortly here. I may sound cynical, but please believe me I am just honest with myself and everyone I meet and I like helping.

Don’t let the automation process make you lazy.

There is one type of individual who makes it to a phone conversation with me and earns that piece of my marketing budget.

It’s the representative who doesn’t treat me like I am a time-share candidate and wants me to sit through a vague presentation. I know what I need. Don’t insult me.

It’s the representative who doesn’t attempt to circumvent me, and go straight to the owner. I am in my role for a reason. If you have the audacity to go above me, you are blacklisted. Very bad business practice. Don’t do that. Ever.

They don’t lie to the secretaries about knowing me or that I am expecting their call. Believe me, they know who I am expecting to call me. I let them know ahead of time.

It’s the representative who actually goes out of their way to research how my business needs fit the service they are selling me. They are real and not scripted. I receive a short, respectful note in my email, grabbing my personal attention with a summary of what they want to specifically speak to me about and why. Don’t be vague. Get to the point. Don’t tell me it’s going to take 15 minutes of my time, we all know that’s not true.

The person who takes time to listen to my goals, what we are actively doing in comparison to what they are selling me, and then taking time to find out how we can possibly integrate before blasting my ear off with tons of information that is irrelevant to me, without letting me get a single word in.

I appreciate an honest approach where I don’t feel as if I am just another one of your numbers. Sometimes spending a little bit of extra time researching candidates who may truly find an exceptional value with your service, and sending a real personalized message is worth more than the ten birds you may have in the automated email bush.

I can promise you results with this approach. Don’t let the technology replace you and make you lazy.

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