Book Review: The Evolution of Hillary Rodham Clinton, by Sonya Huber

A complex look at a complex politician.

Nick Mancuso
Aug 5, 2016 · Unlisted

“Before writing this book, I had changed my own party from Unaffiliated to Democrat, for the purpose of voting for Bernie Sanders,” author and essayist Sonya Huber declares in the preface of her latest work: The Evolution of Hillary Rodham Clinton,(available now, Eyewear Books) laying bare her lifelong activism and perspectives to take a hard long look at the Democratic Nominee for President, Hillary Clinton.

Huber begins by digging in to Clinton’s past, starting as early as her childhood, following along to her education, her legal career, and then her role as First Lady of Arkansas. She covers Clinton’s role in her husband’s White House, the policies she championed, her history-making run for Senate, her unsuccessful 2008 Presidential Campaign, and her career as Secretary of State.

At each juncture, Huber reinforces the same central point; Clinton is a wonky pragmatist, prioritizing results and impact above ideological purity. This is where Clinton has always drawn fire; her changing positions, her evolution on policy, the “two-faced” smear campaign propagated by conservative pundits and pols alike. This pragmatism, this focus on delivering results and key actions is a theme that emerges time and time again in Huber’s exploration of each leg of Clinton’s career, from her time in the Senate to her work as a children’s advocate.

A professed Sanders voter, Huber brings an unflinching and harsh clarity to her analyses, unfettered by affection for the candidate, and unbuoyed by partisan opposition. She looks at Clinton’s record and history with a truly unbiased eye, offering a perspective, in the opinion of this writer, as close to objective as can be, peppered with Huber’s signature wit, in telling the story of the first female presidential nominee of a major party. Immensely readable, and in parts laugh-out-loud hysterical, I swallowed this text whole in one sitting, finding myself pulled in headfirst into the details of the record of a woman who seeks to make history.

Beyond the history that could be made by the election of the first female American President, beyond the posturing and the insanity from the GOP, clearly undergoing a bloody revolution, this text is absolutely key for attempting to see into the future. Huber writes of Clinton with an almost precognitive quality; that by reading through Clinton’s record set against the backdrop of American history, we can see glimpses of what her groundbreaking Presidency could be. Huber’s gaze into the possible future, and especially one as objective as this, is unlike any offered before, and one that should not, under any circumstance, be missed.

If you’re voting for Clinton, or considering voting for Clinton in November, you should read this book, as Huber’s depth and complex analysis is key to understanding and underscoring the leader and candidate Clinton is today. If you are planning on voting against Clinton in November whether for Trump or someone else, reading this book is an imperative as Huber offers a fresh previously-uncharted look into the complex policies and complex history of one of the most examined figures in American history.

You can learn more about the author, Sonya Huber, here or follow her on twitter @SonyaHuber, or purchase the book, The Evolution of Hillary Rodham Clinton here.

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