I never understood highly organized people with all their fancy tools, monitoring every little thing, waking up at the same time, having frameworks and procedures for most parts of their life.

And now I've become one.

I sensed it when a friend of a friend told me he heard I'm really organized. And today I was planning on creating a Trello task for the assignment I got by email so that I can monitor it via Toggl at a push of a button. And why doesn't Trello integrate with Gmail to create a task at one push of a button directly from an email?!

Note to self: research that and maybe build a chrome extension if it doesn’t exist.

You probably didn't understand too much.. or maybe you're a freak just like me. That's how we're seen by other not that organized people. But I wasn't always like this, I was the guy that had everything on his desktop, took an eternity to find a folder, named his iterations differently so after one week God knew which one was the latest.

But somehow I got used to my tools and my process, it just works. I've used a couple of ‘em, deleted most, left some to dry. But these stuck. It's simple, connected and does the job. It's friction-less and gives me structure. I would be a mess and get depressed to work without them. A bit too much maybe, but hell...