Character List:

Luke — 6 year old boy. Static, and too young to be anything other than honest to his heart. Faithful to his father.
The New Jesus — Luke’s father, only seen through other’s perspective (?) A minor character.
Rosemary — Antagonist. only seen through other’s POV. static, minor character, but shapes the direction of the novel after Act I
*Pastor Frank — elder minister, once faithful and inspired, now a souless cynic. Knows of the cancer scam but conceals its truth. Dynamic only in his choice to abandon the last remnants of his Faith. Abandons the church and unsaved in the end (maybe hint at being Saved in the epilogue).
*Laura and Cindy — secondary protagonists. lifelong friends and members of First Baptist. Social Christians, and comic relief. Organizes most of the fundraising and later the testimony of the cancer “miracle.” Dynamic: come into their own and find a first purpose when they sacrifice for another. Saved in the end by finding their calling.
*Aaron — seconday protagonist. Pastor Frank’s teenage son (17). “Ye reap what ye sow.” Addicted to online gaming. Alienated from all other elements of his life, lacking motivation or empathy. Filled with untapped passion, which has morphed into a dark nihilistic hatred for what seems to be a meaningless existence. Dynamic: Saved by the Grace of another, Faithful in the end.
*Abigail — Frank’s teenage daughter (14). In the Youth Group. Learns she is pregnant in Act 1. Inadvertently reveals the scam when she catches the miracle fever and claims a virgin preganancy. Innocent, but Unsaved and can’t be Faithful in the end.
Zachary — Abigail’s boyfriend, same grade as Aaron. Football star, student council vice-president, friendly and well-liked “B” student. Gets Abi pregnant, prays for deliverance, then abandons and ignores her. Unsaved, though everyone thinks he is. Unfaithful in the end.
**JT — main protagonist. the fun younger youth minister, and a true believer. Honest to a fault, and lacking confidence because of his age. Motivated by a genuine call to ministry. Learns of the cancer scam from one of his students, and reports it to Frank. Forced to go along with the lie. Saved, then a Sinner when he sacrifices his morals to cowardice. Finally learns to save himself. Faithful in the end.
*Jessica — granddaughter of Rosemarry, cancer scammer. Honest, matter-of-fact and intelligent, wise beyond years, reports scam to JT. Saved and Faithful all the way through.
*Sarah — JT’s wife.Science teacher at local HS. A believer before college, but has lost faith since, now a bitter non-believer. Science teacher at local HS, knows Aaron. Once active in the youth, she has greatly distanced herself from JT’s ministry Remains a non-believer but finds a new reason to be Saved and learns to have Faith.
Reverend Ron — plucky older music director, static character. Unfaithful in that he abandons the church after the scam is revealed and the Play is canceled.
Linda — Pastor’s Wife. Saved(?)
Door Man — dutiful comic relief. Faithful and imperfect. Saved.
Makeup Women — may combine with another character closer to the plot.
The Congregation — members of First Baptist, many volunteering in the Passion Play production. Youth Group, choir, praise team, and some just life-long members.
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