The breath of life: Gulnara Karimova’s battle for the triumph of democracy

Self-destruction is inevitable, and this is what all the totalitarian regimes, without any exclusion, always end up with. Betrayal of the elites and coup d’état awaits all the dictators throughout the world in the end of their rule. 
This is how it was in Iraq, Serbia, Libya, Egypt, and Ukraine. This is how it’s going to be in Uzbekistan where we can see the real battle for the throne unfolding before our eyes, the throne left by the feeble tyrant Karimov. Back in 2015, this letter was written by his daughter.

Gulnara Karimova may have been deprived of her freedom, yet not of her shame. Only thanks to her and her supporters we can still hope that Uzbekistan, still stuck in the tribal archaic system, will at last get its chance to become a really modern legal secular state.