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I understand why Bulls fans hate this move, I would too, but I think this trade is the result of teams looking at the Warriors and Cavs and deciding to “wait it out.”

Butler is a star, probably a top 10 player, but realistically he is not the kind of player that would put you over the top. He would be an amazing second option but I feel like if he’s your best player there is a limit on how far your team can go. And even if you disagree he is already 28, so in his prime but will be exiting it just as the Warriors will be aging / up for new contracts.

If I was someone like the Celtics, Raptors or Spurs I would have been interested in Butler as the final piece to a possible championship team. And he makes a lot of sense in Milwaukee because of the Thibs connection and the need that team has a for a leader.

But if I was pretty much anyone say that drafted before the Bulls, I just don’t think Jimmy Butler would have been *that* valuable of an asset. Say you give up two picks for him, in two years you’ve been to say the conference finals once but never beyond and then he is thirty years old, wouldn’t you feel like you ‘mortgaged your future’ to be only really good but not elite?

So I totally agree this was a bad trade for the Bulls, it is shocking they had to give up 16, but I just am skeptical that there were that many better potential deals out there for them than this.