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What’s Your T-Shirt Strategy?

Right, here it is, the future of business. Forget mobile first, app development, AI and optimising for the ‘Stories” algorithm. I’m certain that a T-shirt first strategy is best. All these other strategies are ploys, tactical positioning on a current issue or trend.

Your T-Shirt needs to be your focus.


It’s the best measure of a company’s mission, vision and values.

If you can’t summarise the direction and “Why” of a company on a tee, it’s not succinct or clear enough.

If you’re ‘the Uber of X’ or ‘the new Facebook, but good with data’ do you put your logo or the Uber logo or Facebook on your tee?

If you already have investors looking for comparisons, not imagining the blue skies you could have cut, will you loose them.

It’s the best measure of HR health

Are your team proud enough of what they’re doing to wear the tee? At a low level this is a good measure of employee engagement. Do they take it off before they leave? Do they wear it on the weekend?

Do they respect and wear it with pride?

It’s also the easiest way to create tribal recognition. Look — I’m an X-er, I belong to a movement, something big.

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It’s the best measure of decisions

If you’re about to make a big call, would you be willing to wear it on a tee? Maybe its competitive, and a secret, but if your mom saw you in that tee next month would be proud?

Is the decision one everybody would wear or just good for a few departments?

Would you customers love to read this on a tee as you greet them?

Is this tee or decision one in a series or a one hit wonder?

Mini Skirt Theory

Hey if the T-Shirt first strategy doesn’t work for you remember: as C C Chapman coined, articles, descriptions, videos or presentations need to be like a good mini skirt.

“Long enough to cover the important bits, but short enough to keep in interesting.”

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