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On any large journey, life included, it pays to take stock of your assets, strengths and weaknesses.

Taking the time to create awareness of your strengths is important. Especially so for leaders and entrepreneurs.

I thought I knew my strengths. I had forgotten some strengths. I had created a narrative in my self-talk that was dismissive, I even pegged some strengths as weaknesses.

I used the following 5 tools to get a little more clarity around my strengths. I hope you may find them useful too.

1. Introspective Review

Leveraging some questions from INC mag, I conducted an initial audit of my core values and things that came to me with little reflection…


Nick Allen

#Agile Head of Marketing | Coaching on Agile: marketing, strategy, sales & culture | #CSPO #INFJ #DDO #TEAL #ReinventingOrgs #Kiwi

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