My friend Niall works at a global architecture practice. He is thoughtful, socially-aware and as he gets older, like many of us, is increasingly aware of the link between his work and the environment. He works in ‘mass transit architecture’ and reckons sustainability is one of the top three considerations in pretty much every brief his firm sees. Airports and train stations no longer have to be efficient, they must be ‘efficient and low, no or negative’ when it comes to emissions and overall effect on the world they inhabit.

‘Green’ feels like the next great architectural movement and it…

Imagine the scene:

A cold, dark, wet, November night.

The basement room of a Grand Union pub just off Holborn.

Ten nervous presenters, each with a presentation to be given Ignite-style (20 slides being moved on automatically every 15 seconds… no pauses, no hold-a-secs, no I-wasn’t-readies) on the subject of digital creativity.

And 100 PR people with free booze and the energy to, um, make their feelings known.

Welcome to the Ignite event hosted jointly by the PRCA’s Creative and Digital Groups this week.

It’s impossible to do our presenters justice in written form, but they were ALL fantastic, and…

Cannes or Cannt

We live in an always-on world where you want your information NOW! not weeks later, where immediacy is the only currency and where information is only relevant if shared in the exact nanosecond it happened.

Despite these facts, here is an article about the Cannes Lions and PR which is at least two weeks after everyone has not only returned home, but has picked up their dry-cleaning too. Self-combustion is a very real threat.

Last week the PRCA Creative Group hosted a session with three of the best Creative Directors in British PR — Rae Stones from…

There’s been a disturbance in the force.

In an entirely unexpected move Emperor Osborne has announced a sugar tax, a political tactic in his fight with Camo-Ren for the future of the Senate. Plucky Jamie Skywalker and the noisy Rebel Health Alliance are in fist-pumping celebratory mood (I’m not sure I can keep this going…).

Things are rarely as black and white or good versus evil in the real world, and the new tax so far seems to have created little more than confusion and uncertainty… is this a meaningful moment, or just so much hot air?

This is a…


In 2015, John Lewis won Christmas. Best ad, best social, best commercial results, they even had the best parodies… however you looked at it, the story of Monty and Mabel was a clear winner over the six-week campaign.

M&S came a creditable second with their Magic & Sparkle fairies neatly balancing between digital & real-life; Sainsbury’s flattered to deceive with a nice TVC but one which ultimately had no legs; Aldi and Lidl upped their game, Tesco was at an all-time low, Boots did what Boots does, and Iceland had Peter Andre.


First, the campaigns that did…

Nick Woods

Lover of big ideas, and some little ones too; Partner, Sunny Side Up, we help good brands grow sales, share and stature; sports & arts lover.

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