My Trip to Jamaica

I can remember the day school ended freshman year, so excited for the next day. The next day I was going to be on a plane on my way to Jamaica. 80 degree weather with crystal clear sea water that looks like bath water. The morning came that we were leaving and just like every vacation we take my mom booked the earliest flight so it was hard to get up, but my emotions helped me get up that early because once again the thought came to my head of where I was going and I was so excited. The flight to get there wasn’t too bad, we went from Hartford to Miami for a layover then from Miami to Jamaica. Landing in Jamaica was so amazing as you come in for the landing strip your right over the crystal clear ocean and from above you can see all of the coral reefs, the white sand and even some animals. Now comes the annoying part, after landing and you get your bags you need to go through customs which sucks because it takes so long. When this is all over comes the bus ride. Just like the bus ride in St. Lucia I was just so excited to get to the resort and see where I will be staying for the next week and a half. But my emotions had to be tamed for two hours. The airport in Jamaica is very far away on the island from where all of the tourists go. It was very eye opening though we went through some places where the poverty was so bad people were living in house made of scrap metal on the side of the road. On the flip side the landscape was so beautiful. The water, beaches and mountainous areas were so amazing. Finally when we got the the resort I was in awe. The entrance and lobby was amazing and right through all of that you can see the ocean which was so pristine I wanted to go right in, but i had to wait until we were all settled in. We walked to our room, which was huge so I was excited about that, and went to go explore. My family and I walked the beach to just take in where we are and then went around the resort to see what it has to offer. Just like most of the vacations we just hung out for most of the time but my dad and I managed to do some activities. Mid week my dad and I went on a scuba diving trip, at a cave a couple miles away from where we stayed. It was a good amount of money to go on the trip, but I’ll tell you what, it was so worth it, one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We hopped on a boat with a couple of other people and went on our way. When we got to the cave we got told some instructions on what we can and can’t do. The tour guide told us to not take any coral or things like that because some are poisonous and you can get very hurt. So we sat backwards and got pushed off the boat and went on our way. We dove down about 20 feet and it felt like I was in another world. Huge fish swam right by you like you weren’t even there, there were so many exotic fish. At one point we saw a huge barracuda, not going to lie, I was pretty scared at the moment but it will only attack you if make sudden movements. The cave was so amazing, I wish I could go back. We took a lot of pictures to remember the experience. After that day excursion I was so tired so I went to go and get some rest a little before the night time came. The last couple of days we were there we explore around the surrounding markets to buy souvenirs, clothes and things like that and did the water park a couple of times. The people there are so nice and always in a good mood. The vacation was a great time with my family and if I had the opportunity to go back I would in a heartbeat.

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