DesignEvo Review: Making Everyone a Logo Designer

Do you like the design of this logo?

Can you believe that I created this logo in less than 5 minutes?

For a lot of small businesses or personal brands, the biggest headache is designing a logo. Pearl mountain’s newest design software, DesignEvo, provides the ultimate solution for those brands that want to both reduce costs and design a unique, high quality logo. DesignEvo’s interface is extremely practical; in just about five easy steps, you can design a logo that fits your company’s style.

Screenshot of DesignEvo Interface

Firstly, find an icon you like by searching keywords.

Then, input characters, including the company’s name and slogan.

In order to diversify the finished product, you can adjust the font and colors, and even add some pictures or words.

Finally, you can adjust the layout, of which there are four different options to choose from in total. The horizontal one below is one example.

In sum, the customer base that DesignEvo targets is very clear; it enables ordinary people to create fashionable logos. Other advantages of DesignEvo include the fact that it is free, has a simple interface and is easy to use. There are many icons to choose from, and you can also adjust colors and fonts, so that the finished product can reflect your own style.

Of course, a new product will also have aspects that need improving. For instance, in the first stages, it might not suit people who like to set about designing things themselves. Aside from the function to automatically choose icons, adding a drawing tool may allow users to use their creativity and make their designs even more unique. However, its advantages definitely outweigh its disadvantages, and DesignEvo certainly has the potential to last and continue to grow.

DesignEvo offcial website —

DesignEvo facebook page — @designevoapp

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