Martin O’Malley during a stop in Davenport on January 8.

Martin O’Malley - You Know You Want To Help — Don’t You?

We are fighting for something worth saving….The American Dream…..

Forget the latest stories predicting that Martin O’Malley won’t be allowed to debate any more. They’re bogus. He’ll be in all the debates. And forget all the pundit claims that Martin O’Malley doesn’t have a chance. Polls are still of hardly any predictive value. A good showing in the Iowa caucus will answer that nonsense. Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama succeeded as long-shots there; and so can Martin O’Malley. Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean both learned that the bigger they are the harder they fall in Iowa.

But why do I say you want to help Martin O’Malley? In the first place, probably because of something you’ve posted about him. (My bad if I read you wrong, but then tweets and Facebook posts can be ambiguous.) In the second place, it’s because I’m seeing lots of positive comments about him; and he’s been greeted very positively by Clinton and Sanders supporters in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. Sure, I’ve seen negative comments as well; but they rarely ever have solid cases to back up their negativity.

Whether I’m right or wrong about your wish to help, there are many very good reasons to support Martin O’Malley. So many, in fact, that I’ve written lots of articles about him. I’m hoping maybe you’ll humor me by doing your country a favor and reading some of them. In no particular order, they include:

Martin O’Malley is the candidate most like middle-class Americans. He’s also the one most like nearly all Democrats who’ve ever been elected President. Iowans are now turning out for his events in larger numbers; and they have the potential to blow this race wide open; just like they almost always do. So, if you haven’t already done so, now is a great time to get to know him. You’ll be glad you did, because he offers us the 21st Century ‪#‎NewLeadership‬ we need.