Pathways for earning Holacracy® Certifications

Nick Osborne
Apr 12, 2018 · 3 min read

HolacracyOne offers a licensing and credentialing program designed to certify skilled Holacracy Coaches and support their work worldwide. Credentials provide quality assurance and credibility for: 1) internal facilitators and coaches within an organisation adopting Holacracy®; and 2) enable consultants to join the Licensing Program to support clients adopting Holacracy. Credentials are granted after an individual demonstrates their capacities by successfully passing facilitation assessments.

On finding out about Holacracy®, those who want to support others’ practice are often keen to earn the credentials but aren’t sure how to attain the knowledge, experience, and skills to do so. Most people start with attending a Practitioner Training, and then, if they are serious, follow up after some practice by attending a Coach Training. This article lays out some additional pathways.


  • Find an organisation to offer to practice your facilitation/coaching with. Until you are licensed this will need to be pro-bono; in other words, you provide Holacracy facilitation and coaching, unpaid, in return for the opportunity to practice. Consider requesting that you get feedback as part of any deal. If you can’t find an organisation locally or through your networks, consider posting an offer in the Practitioner Facilitation Marketplace.
  • Join an online facilitation practice group, which are self-organised on the Holacracy Community of Practice by people who want to practice and test each other in preparation for the assessments (easily found by searching for ‘online facilitation practice group’ on the CoP).
  • Schedule a certification assessment. As well as being required for certifications, these assessments are learning tools that fill a gap our public trainings are not designed to satisfy. It’s pretty rare to score at coach level on the first go at the Assessment, but feedback shows that it is a highly valuable learning experience regardless.
  • One licensee suggested rehearsing key facilitation phrases, for example how you would frame each step in a Governance Meeting, and the objection testing questions so that you get fluent and familiar. You could do this by reading off the relevant meeting card, or practice in your own words.


  • Shadow experienced coaches in your own organisation or outside your organisation if possible.
  • When observing, track the nuances of facilitation and coaching, note down your questions to get support with answering.


  • Read the Holacracy Practitioners Guide.
  • Follow the Practicing Holacracy Forum on the Community of Practice to study and follow threads about Holacracy practice.
  • Study the Holacracy constitution and note down any questions you have.
  • Review your notes from your Practitioner Training. Those slides aren’t just intro-level material. In fact, they have some of the most important and fundamental distinctions you can find anywhere.
  • If you are signed up for Glass Frog Premium, subscribe to the Habit Program emails, actually read them when they arrive and practice coaching around the suggestions and habits where you can.



I’m sure there are more ideas, so you might want to ask any certified Holacracy coaches that you know how they learned their skills. If you have any others to add, please add them below.

Nick Osborne

Written by

Partner at HolacracyOne, Certified Holacracy® Coach