Chicago To LA

Hello Lovelies,

Today I will be making the move to the city where your dreams live. Yes the title is correct I will be moving from Chicago back to California but this time I will be living in LA well North Hollywood but thats basically the same thing. All I can think of is the days I will spend by the beach filming or out on auditions and casting calls. I remind myself that I must in the next 10 months figure out what I will do if things do not kick off for me, I mean what I would do if my channel bombs, and all my castings fail me. That’s a scary thing for an 18 year old girl with dreams as far as the stars.

I am almost all packed I have two rooms left but I am sitting here with my Starbucks next to me typing this out because the thought of failing rolled through my mind and even if I do make it big I want for some little girl to be able to look back and see that I had doubts. For most doubting your self is a big no no but for me it humbles me sometimes I get new subscribers and I allow my head to get full and I do not want to be cocky I want to stay level headed and humbled. I always have to consider the fact that I started my Youtube channel late in the game there is already plenty of famous Youtuber’s but I do realize there is still space for more! I also have to think back to my first YouTube channel and remember that I gave up after a few short months of trying to get videos done I do not want to do that again I want to keep pushing no matter how dead the street may seem.

Well off to packing and jamming out to my tunes

See you in LA