Why I am so bad at blogging…

Hello Loves!

I miss you all and honestly I have been looking for reasons to blog but I’m not going to lie to you guys I have not had anything to talk about I do not understand how people blog constantly this is hard as shit I’m either ranting, telling a story, giving advice, or straight up talking about my shitty life.


well you wanna know? I started talking to this guy lets start at the beginning you guys remember my blog about online dating right? well I decided to hop my little ass on tinder and give a few swipes. 274 matches later I chat with this guy I like him so we hangout 1. I was promised dinner I didn’t get 2. he’s a fucking dick so we ended up going to this like view spot in LA where you can like see the city lights cool whatever he smoked I passed and we chatted he talked a lot about his ex like a lot and nothing even close to positive. Then he texted me for about 2 days then stopped completely he didn’t respond to my text or anything. I have this app that tells you when people unfollow you on instagram and he unfollowed me so I went and peeped his profile he posted a picture with his ex the caption read “I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART” OKAY BITCH OKAAY OKAAY OKAY.


I hopped my little ass back on tinder and this time I found a guy who was much better he’s tall as shit cute as shit I like him… The only problem with him is hes short

went out tried it hated it left went home cried ate ice cream ate oreos smoked a joint slept well.