Why I am transferring out of CCC

Hello Loves!

So today I have decided to talk about the few but impactful reason for me leaving Columbia College Chicago I do realize to some people these reasons may not be reasons other people would leave a school but for me these reasons where too important.

Reason one I WAS NOT 18!!

This has nothing to really do with the school but living in Chicago there is nothing you can really do under 18 other than shop go to the museums and roam around the city, This is a problem for me because in the winter it is too cold to do much of any of that since everything is far to walk and not to mention you are in college most kids would rather chill in the dorms in the snow BUT you have to be 18 to be checked into the dorms SO I COULD NOT GO IN THE DORMS they let me slide twice then they cracked down on the rules and wouldn’t let me in I lost a lot of the people I had met with this because like I said most people don’t want to go walk around the city in the snow they want to sit in the dorms and watch tv or go to bars another thing I am not old enough to do. Most events like concerts are 18 and over as well.


I did not live on campus because our dorms are expensive as fucking shit and I’m CHEAP as fuck so if I can save $15,000 by living with family IM GOING TO DO IT. This problem made me realize 1 college kids do not travel far from the campus especially in Chicago 2 Hyde Park is far as shit from DownTown 3 Uber is pricey 4 the train is sketch af 4 the red line does not go to HYDE PARK. all reasons no one would come hang out with me and reasons that also made me getting downtown hard.


Once again not CCC fault but my mom did not let me go to many parties 1 to be exact she did not let me hangout around downtown after class much, this caused a lot of people to just give up on hanging out with me and separated me even more from the crowd not only was I not old enough and lived far but now I can’t go to parties or come explore the city with you on a warm Friday night? Ahh forget Nickey she can’t do anything anyways.

So yeah this is a short one but I feel these small things are things people need to consider when picking colleges. Because for me it made me literally hate my school and the city around me.

Until next time,