“A Dream Doesn’t Become Reality Through Magic”

I use to work at an auto shop that was in the parking lot of a shopping mall.

During the week, our favorite customers were elderly folks. They would come in, drop their cars off and walk over to the mall to do their daily laps.

9 times out of 10, their cars were fine. They just needed to be put through their paces. The technician would hop in a car, take it out on the highway, hit the gas a few times and everything would be back to normal. We would do a tune up and send them on their way.

They use to think that we worked some sort of magic because we’d be done so quick.

But it wasn’t magic at all.

The problem was that most of these older folks didn’t really drive their cars. They would idle for hours and only putt around town. The engine never got put to work.

And when an engine doesn’t get worked, gunk builds up (carbon if you want to get technical) and things get screwy. To solve the problem, someone just needs to drive it like they stole it.

The same thing happens to us.

When we demand to live only within our comfort zone and never push ourselves, we struggle.

We want more from life, but we just can’t figure out what or how to get there. We wish some sort of magic would happen. We don’t know what the hell to do.

But we’re only lost because we’re refusing to engage with life. We’re afraid to open up and take chances because we want to know what’s on the other side of the fence before we make the first move.

But the truth is, the only way to know is to move. To actually experience things. We learn not to play with fire by playing with fire.

We’ve got to do the work. There’s no repair shop for humans to address this stuff. It’s a personal process that we all have to go through.

If we stretch ourselves a little bit each day, we can grow and get better at facing uncertainty. And instead of running, we’ll be able to address it.

The only way to find your way is to begin walking.

When the going gets tough, don’t turn back. Step up to the challenge, because it’s what creates the most value. You already know that.

I’m always forgetting about my little accomplishments. They’re not big enough for me.

But that’s just my ego talking. We’ve all accomplished a lot in our lives. Regardless what we tell ourselves.

Let’s not forget how we got here.

The title is a quote by Colin Powell

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Originally published on nickgmason.com