Do You Want To Know The Truth?

They sold us a dream.

We’ve been persuaded to try and buy happiness. We’ve been bamboozled into ignoring our own intuition and to blindly follow others who somehow know the “right” way.

These false narratives have been pulling us apart for decades and causing us to collapse on ourselves and each other.

The worst part is, we’re afraid to wake up. We’re afraid to leave the fairy tale behind because we just don’t know what’s out there.

We’ve been pulled so far from home that our dreams have started to feel like reality. But the longer we carry on this story, the harder it’s going to be to face the truth.

When I was 18, I remember thinking that I didn’t have to worry about my future because I thought I was going to be rich. I conveniently skipped over the “how” part. Oh, to be young.

Then about halfway through college, I realized that achieving meaningful things is more than just dreaming. Sitting around hoping for a miracle was hopeless.

That was one of the first times I consciously recognized that reality was different than my fantasy. Life isn’t formulaic and it craves for our involvement.

Now is the time to dive in. Embracing the truth is the only way to feel content and happy with life without having to constantly distract ourselves with materials and stimulation.

As we drop our stories, we start to lean more toward being honest with ourselves and following our hearts.

There are a lot of us who want to keep things the way they are and always have been because new is scary. But we have to let certain things go if we want to move towards joy.

Either way, life will go on, with or without us.

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