Emptying The Trash From Your Mind

Photo Credit: Insoler

I watched the garbage man empty the trash the other day. It seemed like such an easy task.

The hard part was probably persuading himself to take the job.

It made me think of all the trash that floats around in our heads. All the useless information, ideas and thoughts.

Things that just add to our stress. Stuff that doesn’t really serve us.

Then I thought about how letting go sounds so easy and how the hard part is persuading ourselves to put in the effort.

We rarely ever empty our minds. We don’t really have the time to slow down.

But maybe the idea of “not having the time” is trash too. Maybe we need to toss it out.

Then we can make tossing things out one of our regular practices. The same way our trash gets picked up every week.

And we can’t force this to happen. Thinking is a part of being human.

But we can think less if we refrain from adding to the drama.

Like when you get cut off in traffic. It’s nerve-racking enough to get thrown into a dangerous situation. You don’t have to add to the story by yelling out a few clever words.

Those are the little things we can throw out. We don’t need them.

It’s hard to let go in a world where we think we need to be in control. But once in a while, I think it’s okay if we ride in the passenger seat.

We all need time not to think.

A quiet mind is just as important as anything else that we pursue in life.

Just take 10 minutes a day to sit quietly. Without your phone. Without the TV. Without music. Just be in silence.

And if you’re feeling ambitious, close your eyes. You might see just how wonderful the silence really is.

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