Grist For The Mill

Between where we are and where we aspire to be, there’s a path. Along that path, we encounter challenges. A pain-in-the-ass job, money problems, self-doubt, obligations, fear, the list goes on. But it’s all grist for the mill. Our present moment experience is essential as we work toward our dreams. We can’t allow the hardships to turn us around.

In every step towards your goals lies a fragment of your aspirations. Look closely and see how interconnected the journey and arrival are. Close your eyes and see that they are one.

Do what you feel is close to your heart, let it guide you. Do your best to ignore the opinions or demands from others. That's their problem, you have enough of your own. If you choose not to get wrapped up in discouragement, confidence will arise and continue to push you towards your dreams. As you start to gain momentum, share your journey and inspire others to start theirs.

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