How To Help Others In 3 Simple Steps

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You have no idea what you’re talking about.

That’s the voice in my head. It speaks up every once in awhile. Especially when I try to help others with things that aren’t in my area of “expertise”. Whatever that means.

But that little voice is starting to make less and less sense. Here are 3 ways I’ve managed to quiet it down:

Don’t believe everything you think

Much of our thinking is a conditioned response. Similar to how we automatically run from danger, our thinking also defaults. Without realizing it, we respond to situations with our mind on autopilot.

In the case of helping others, we often think that our help isn’t valuable or our advice isn’t good enough.

But that isn’t true. It’s just our default setting.

Try questioning those defaults. Notice when they’re inaccurate.

The fact is, you are qualified. Your life experiences are your qualifications. You’ve gone through things that others can relate to. Your unique perspective can help others see their situation more clearly.

Notice when you’re doubting your ability and work with it. Remind yourself that this is doubt and I’m going to work through it. If you enter the situation with good intentions, you have nothing to worry about. Your thinking is just a distraction.

Speak from experience

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have. There’s someone out there who has less. What you know can guide them.

Be genuine and speak about what you’ve been through. Just tell the truth. People appreciate that, even when it seems like they don’t.

And if you haven’t been through their situation, showing compassion is just as valuable. It won’t solve the problem, but it will encourage them to continue moving forward.

Keep it simple

It’s easy to go overboard. Especially when you feel like what you have to say is pointless. You’ll try to hard to sound knowledgeable, which just ends up complicating things. I do it all the time.

Instead, try to keep it simple. Speak on what you know. Even if it seems unimportant or worthless. Showing that you care goes a long way. You don’t have to provide a resolution. Just give them a stepping stone or two.

Final thoughts

You have more to share than you think. Your take on the world might be exactly what we all need to hear. And remember that sometimes you may not be able to help. Others have to ask or be open to it. If they aren’t, don’t take it personally. Everything isn’t your responsibility.

Just do your best.

The more you lend a hand, the more connected you’ll feel with the world. We all struggle and we all live through challenges. It’s important that we’re here for each other.

We’re all we’ve got.

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