The Power Of Influence

Today’s my last day at my current job. Monday I’ll be starting somewhere new.

It’s been a frustrating situation, but sometimes that’s just how these things play out.

For the past few months, I’ve been working with two interns. And now they’ll be on their own without a lead.

I realized the other day that I almost failed them. I’ve been sharing too much information about what I feel is best for me without reminding them that it might not be what’s best for them.

They both would like to leave too because, without me, they’ll be exposed to a lot of nonsense without a buffer in between. But who am I to say that’s a bad thing?

When you’re in a leadership role, maintaining control and making sure everyone agrees with your point of view isn’t important.

What’s important is that you provide just enough push and guidance that they’re willing to ride a bike alone without training wheels. And when they fall, you’re there to wave your hand and motion for them to get back up and try again. From there, they’re free to ride to wherever they desire.

Sometimes we forget that our way isn’t everyone’s way. And even though we’re all trying to figure things out, it can’t be done through the eyes and minds of others.

This situation just wasn’t working for me. ME. It’s up to these two guys to decide what works for them. And when we’re in a position of influence we have to pay attention to the impact we have over others.

I’m not saying we should stop sharing our opinions or giving advice. I’m saying we should try to understand the intentions behind the words we speak and the actions we take. Then decide if we need to change our approach.

Sometimes this stuff can’t be avoided. And sometimes it can.

Life is full of case-by-case scenarios. There isn’t just one right way to do things. It’s all about learning, making slight adjustments and trying our best. If we care about ourselves and others, there’s no other way to live.

As for me, I’ve got one last day to iron this out.

Wish me luck.