What Does The World Mean To You?

“Do you mind taking the lead on this?” He asked.

“What exactly are we talking about?” I replied.

“There’s a meeting about it 9 am, just stop by my office when you get a chance” He said.

Well, seeing as it was already 8:47 am, there wasn’t much time for discussion.

As I sat there, I started thinking about all the things I had to do and how this was just another thing to add to the list. I felt like giving up.

Then I remembered I have 2 dogs at home. I remembered that my car was parked outside and I could drive off. I remembered that my family lives close. I remembered that my girlfriend laughs at my jokes. I remember how much I like to write. I remembered a lot of things that reminded me that work wasn’t my whole life.

All thanks to a podcast that I listened to between James Altucher and a 17-year-old named Anna Koppelman. She’s a high school junior who’s been bullied her entire life for being Dyslexic.

She never fit in at school. She even sits alone during lunch and writes. She used to write about random things in an attempt to distract herself from loneliness. Then at some point, she couldn’t ignore her feelings any longer and she started writing about bullying and what it was like growing up with Dyslexia.

The article she wrote called “What I know now as a teen with Dyslexia” ended up going viral.

As she and James talked about writing, she mentioned the idea that there was a “whole other world” outside of school and all she wanted to do was find a way to reach that world so that she could finally connect with people and feel accepted.

It turned out that as she was more honest and open about her life, she did end up connecting with people. She was no longer trapped inside of an idea that was holding her back. Although portions of her life are still a challenge, she’s encouraged by the relationships she’s been able to build and the hardships she’s been able to overcome.

Anna reminded me that when we feel trapped in certain situations, sometimes something as simple as remembering the wider world is enough to break the spell.

When I’m in the middle of a stressful situation, my imagination get’s set on “there’s no escape” mode. But when I take a step back and remember all the other possibilities that exist, I almost instantly feel relief.

Anna remembered that there was a whole other world outside of the one she was caught up in. For her, it was about connecting to that world. For me, it was about relief and putting things back into perspective. What does the whole world mean to you?

I guess we can learn from teenagers.

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