What’s Really Important?

Photo Credit: pinoakpto

The sun was shining through the window and my lunch hour was coming to an end. As I got up to leave, the warmth persuaded me to stay.

I sat and watched the cashier encourage a little girl as she tried to open the door. Using all her might, she got it open and was congratulated with cheers and a high five. It meant the world to her.

And it meant the world to me, because up until that moment, I had forgotten what was important.

I was caught up with my ideas around money. Conjuring up a story about who I should be and how I could get there.

Meanwhile, I was ignoring the simple things that deserved my attention. The small things that make the biggest difference.

Thankfully, life is full of reminders. We just have to be present for them.

The interaction between this little girl and the cashier reminded me that deciding what we hold as valuable is a personal choice.

We can choose kindness or we can choose hostility. We can choose generosity or we can choose greed.

She didn’t have to help, she chose to. We’re so busy doing things that are more “important” that we forget we have a choice.

We can be caring, kind and compassionate, as long as we’re not swept up in the idea that such things aren’t important.

What do you feel impacts your life in a meaningful way?

If someone else was watching your life from a distance, what would they say was most important to you? Look at your life from an outsider’s perspective and notice what you’ve ranked as important.

Are you happy with what you see? If not, you can make adjustments. You can center your life around the things that are truly significant to you.

Don’t let the world decide for you. Step back and really weigh your options. What touches your heart? What feels real to you?

Stay in touch with your values and allow them to fuel your life. Let your actions sprout from a meaningful place within you.

If you knew you were going to pass away tonight, how would you live today? What would be your deepest intention?

I have a feeling that you might do things a little differently. I know I would.

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