Drinking the Kool Aid

After a horrible and heartbreaking end to 2015, 2016 started off lost, confused and emotionally exhausted – I lost my drive, my sense of direction and any plan I had went out the window. 2016, while not the worst year of my life has definitely felt a little ‘blah’.

I attended the RXP 7 Habits workshop last week, a course offered by my work to help you grow professionally, to outline what was expected in an RXP consultant. and how to understand your behaviours in order to be successful both at work and in personal life. I started the workshop thinking that it was some kind of ridiculous Tony Robbins, ‘drinking the Kool Aid’ self help type rubbish, but after completing the workshop I realised that you don’t need to be all action man Mr Motivated in order to make positive changes. It made me see that I’ve lost site of the bigger picture, that I’ve been spending the first few months of the year treading water, just doing what I had to do get through the days. It opened my eyes to think about the long game and to question what is it that I want my life both personally and professionally.

Thanks to the workshop I feel that I’m starting to see through the haze and starting to regain some focus. I made a decision to write down a few goals in a notebook, which was good, but I realised that once I wrote on the next page, I never returned back to my goals page. I’ve since set up a Trello board with these goals to help me keep track of life, my family, to keep on top of things, to keep me motivated and keep my dreams alive. It’s not a huge thing, but it’s a start – I’m feeling ever so slightly better to feel like there’s some ambition returning.