Going Cashless is one step closer to the future

Jun 12, 2018 · 1 min read

When we talk about money we often think about coins or bills. Correct?
My country hasn’t really got inspired by the idé yet. Sadly. China is a country that aims to go cashless with their online wallet app WeChat & Alipay.

Mamahuhu made a youtube video where they go on a Shanghai adventure and only using their phone to pay for things.

They idéa of going cashless is scary for some few… like older people who may not been using a smartphone in their life. But in Sweden Samsung announced they were going to test out Samsung Pay which works great if you can afford a Samsung device. The other competitor is Google’s own pay app which isn’t available in Sweden (Like youtube red….*mumble*). The Swedish government has liked this idéa since 2011 but haven’t done a shit to actually get there.

Going cashless is not dangerous and I’ll hope that we should be cashless 2025

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