Why Nicklin is one of the most forward-thinking businesses in the Midlands

There are many elements that make up a forward-thinking business, from technology and originality to investment and fostering. Innovation is recognised as the key to promoting business growth and is what law firm Mills and Reeve celebrate with their Innovation 50, an in-depth index of some of the most forward-thinking companies in the Midlands.

Nicklin, the UK’s longest established provider of bespoke timber and corrugated transit packaging, is one of the companies highlighted in the manufacturing, engineering and utilities section as one of the most forward-thinking Midlands’ businesses in Mills & Reeve’s 2017 report. But why?

1. It’s a sustainable company

In today’s world, the need for businesses and suppliers to be green is more important than ever. Consequently, many organisations choose only to work with sustainable and environmentally friendly suppliers to boost their own green credentials. Nicklin promotes the use of sustainable wood to create pallets, crates and boxes, and avoids the use of plastic in transit packaging. Not only does this protect the environment from plastics, but it also means the products are in use for longer and can be recycled and reused.

2. It cares about the environment

Nicklin were the first manufacturer of timber transit packaging in Europe to be registered under the UK Wood Material Marking Programme and provide a wide range of pallets, timber cases and crates that comply with The International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures №15 (ISPM 15). The ISPM 15 was set up to prevent the international transport and spread of disease and insects that can harm plants and ecosystems.

3. It has been ahead of the game since 1913

When a business has been in the game for over 100 years, it’s clear to see that it must be innovative and ready to adapt to change. Whether it’s SMEs or large multinational companies, Nicklin has always worked with a wide range of organisations to provide cost-effective and environmentally responsible transit packaging solutions, while thinking of ways to stay ahead of the game.

4. It offers value added service

Nicklin doesn’t just supply a wide range of products, it also offers an all-encompassing range of services to help its customers get the most from their transit packaging solutions and investment. It has a range of transit packaging tools which provides its clients with a professional specification to get real benefits from their transit packaging system. It also has the systems to monitor on-site transit packaging stock, which means it can efficiently monitor the stock levels of transit packaging held by its clients.

5. It helps reduce its client’s costs

Thanks to the clever mechanisms of monitoring client’s stock, it can help reduce costs in many ways. It enables efficient stock management, makes effective use of storage space, reduces waste, improves cash-flow and makes the most effective use of resources. This service is particularly important for clients that operate ‘just-in-time’ delivery schedules of their products.

At Nicklin Transit Packaging, we have been trading in timber and corrugated transit packaging since 1913 and sell things like: bespoke pallets, timber cases, timber crates, plywood cases, corrugated cases and timber components. For further information on us, you can visit our website.