Why you should use a recycled wooden pallet

Like most things, wooden pallets have a shelf life. The question then remains, what happens to them once they are unfit for purpose? The answer is clear — they should get recycled and made into new, refurbished pallets, ready to be used by businesses and logistics companies all over the world.

In a time where the environment has never been higher up the agenda, boosting your green credentials is essential. This can, in part, be achieved by using recycled wooden pallets instead of freshly manufactured ones. By doing this, your business can contribute to protecting the environment, reducing deforestation, creating a cleaner environment and reducing soil erosion, all key points on the green agenda.

Furthermore, many businesses now prefer to partner with sustainable suppliers, so that they can also be seen to be green too. Consequently, whether you source products for your business sustainably, could be a deal breaker as to whether you get business or whether the potential client goes elsewhere.

As a business, running cost-effective operations is sure to be front of mind. That’s why recycled wooden pallets may be an attractive option. They are just as effective as the brand new ones, but come with a lower price tag, meaning that you can spend more business budget on other things, while doing your bit for the environment too.

Finally, recycled wooden pallets can be stronger and more resilient than newly manufactured pallets, thanks to the way that the wood is treated and repaired in the regeneration process. New wooden pallets are sometimes made of ‘wet’ wood, which can cause them to crack and warp, whereas repurposed ones are not.

With such important benefits, it is clear to see why recycled wooden pallets is one of the fastest growing sectors in transit packaging. With businesses constantly striving to save money and the political agenda focusing increasingly heavily on the environment, we can only expect it to increase.

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