How to be confident wearing leggings

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Everybody feels self-conscious from time to time. It might be on daily basis or like most women, every hour of the waking day! With so many amazing leggings to wear, no girl should feel self-conscious. We all should feel confident, happy and wear whatever we want. So whatever your size, here’s how to feel more confident in your leggings:

Confidence comes from within

Do you really want to look back on your life and think why you wasted so much energy and time worrying about how you looked? Worse still, do you want to regret not being adventurous in you life? Confidence comes from within and the only way to unleash it- is to stop worrying about trivial imperfections.

Nobody really cares

Worrying about what other people think is a sure way to kill your confidence. People are not talking about you nearly as much as you think. And I hate to break it to you, people don’t care as much as you think! Even if people do talk, would you rather be invisible? When all is is said and done, people forget that booty they saw last week.

Confidence is like a magnet

Here is the ultimate reason you should feel confident — confidence is like a magnet. This is a universal law. The more confident you are, the more positive vibes vibrate from you. Confidence is your biggest weapon for attraction. Positive people and things will come to you. Like attracts like.

Embrace your curves

Curves are in and if your feeling self-conscious about them, it’s time to get over it! Women are made in all shapes and sizes so stop feeling like you have to cover up. Be proud and show off your curves!

Leggings are an expression of who you are

Who wants to be a plain jane at the gym or walking down the street. We are not plain jane’s on the inside so why express it on the outside? If you love pink, wear pink leggings. If your life is full of love and yoga, wear leggings that express your life. With so many patterns and designs now available, it’s easy to find your style.


Yes as surprising this is, meditation can help you feel grounded and comfortable in your own skin. By not focusing on yourself and your thoughts, meditation can help you remind yourself of what’s important and that we’re a part of something bigger.


Not only will yoga help you tone up but your posture will dramatically improve and when we’re standing or sitting up straight, we feel and look more confident. Yoga also improves our mood and releases endorphins, reducing our stress levels so we take on the world.

Get in touch with your feminine spirit and throw on a colorful pair of leggings today!

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