Tap into your Weirdness

Stop looking outside and start looking within. Who gives a toot about what other people think. Stop trying to impress others. Stop trying to be someone your not. Write the book you want to read and not the book you ought to write. Ignorance is often underrated. Everyday we are surrounded by boundaries and rules or how something should be done. The greatest reward in your work will come, when the work itself comes from your core. This is when it surprises and delights. The most rewarding moments I have had with my work is when I thought ‘Where did that come from?’ or ‘Thats not bad’.

The only way you can tap into your core which is your uniqueness and weirdness that only you have, is through being alone and quite contemplation. Reading constant inspiration is just not going to cut it. Regurgitating what other people are saying is not good enough. It takes courage to be just ourselves. Daily life can be a forgetting. Start remembering those secrets you use to have, secret desires, Secret ideas, secret thoughts,what you love and hate.

Do it your way. Embrace your quirkiness and weirdness.

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Originally published at activepatience.com on May 3, 2015.

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