I Took a Pill in Ibiza
Mike Posner

Wow not sure how I ended up with a email alert for this writing. Shit ….i didn’t even know Mike Posner had a medium but I couldn’t be more glad.

I was listening to xm radio about two days ago when I heard the guys on the show talking about such a hit the remix is ….and then the next guy butts in and says how much better he liked mikes original version either way I was in disbelief through all the great words they said about the song they never once even touched upon the actual meaning to it. (From what I heard at least)

I respect the humbleness Mike showed in this article and it’s true people do have so much going on. So hey if they get it they get it ….if they don’t well then ….at least they can party to it.

The song personally runs deep and right through my soul for me having faced a taste of the same problem being an up and coming young Dj/producer in NYC …

So to whom ever may be reading this if any at all.

We all look for the right connections in what ever business we may be pursuing, just know regardless of someone else’s success their advice is great but we’re all different and there’s no one single way that works for all of us. There’s no one single problem that affects all of us the same either.

Choose your own path

Find your own happiness

Turn your darkest time into a huge hit ……