Graphic Annotations of China Miéville’s The Last Days of New Paris

Nicky Martin
Aug 17, 2016 · 10 min read
“I am an Amateur of Velocipedes” by Leonora Carrington (1941)
“La Vertu noire” by Roberto Matta (1943)
“Garden Airplane Trap” by Max Ernst (1935)
“Une semaine de bonté” by Max Ernst 1934
related image by Max Ernst — please comment with title
“Le Drapeau noir” by René Magritte (1937)
“Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” by Dorothea Tanning (1943)
“Lovers’ Flower” by Léona Delacourt [Nadja] (192?)
“Sans Titre” by Dora Maar (1934)
an untitled exquisite corpse by André Breton, Man Ray, Max Morise, Yves Tanguy (1927)
Photo from Wiki on Enigmarelle
“Cat’s Dream” by Léona Delacourt [Nadja] (192?)
“Danger, Construction Ahead” by Kay Sage (1940)
“The Empire of Light” by Réne Magritte (1953–54)
“The Dream of 21 December 1929” by Valentine Hugo (1929)
“The Smiling Spider” by Odilon Redon (1891)
“la ville inquiéte” by Paul Delvaux (1941)
“Antro de fósiles” by Maruja Mallo (1930)
Photo of The Musée de l’Armée
“loup-table” by Victor Brauner (1947)
“Psychological Space” by Victor Brauner (1939)
“Fascination” by Victor Brauner (1939)
“Breakfast in Fur” by Meret Oppenheim (1936)
“Winged Folgore” by Guglielmo Sansoni [Tato] (1933)
“Fiat CR32 in Stunt — Flying over a Workshop”, by Guglielmo Sansoni [Tato] (1932)
“Il Duce” by Gerardo Dottori (1933)
The Arc de Triomphe from Wikipedia
“Woman and Bird” by Wilfredo Lam (1963)
“Stone Woman” by Meret Oppenheim (1938)
A photo of the Palais Garnier, Wikipedia
Photo of Le Chabanais exterior
Photo of Le Chabanais interior
“Cave to Canvas: Vegetal Puppets” by Remedios Varo (1938)
“The Elephant Celebes” by Max Ernst (1921)
“The Grey Forest” by Max Ernst (1920)
“The Large Forest” by Max Ernst (1920)
“Grand Fumage” by Wolfgang Paalen (1930s)
“Do You Know My Aunt Eliza?” by Leonora Carrington (1941)
“Object-Phantom” by Toyen [Marie Cermínová] (1937)
“The Birthday” by Dorothea Tanning (1942)
“Exquisite Corpse” by André Breton, Jacqueline Lamba, Yves Tanguy (1938)
“Danger on the Stairs” by Pierre Roy (1927–8)
“The Shooting Gallery IV” by Toyen (1940)
“Bird Superior” by Max Ernst (1934)
“La Déchirée” by René Iché (1940)
Photo of The Sacré-Cœur
“Les Batisseurs de ruins” by Tita? (1941)
“The Burning Giraffe” by Salvador Dalí (1937)
“The Doll” by Hans Bellmer (1936)
The Marseille face cards, by many artists (1943)
“Lobster Telephone” by Salvador Dalí (1936)
Photograph by Brassaï (1930s)
“March 7 1937–4 (Sandbumptious)” by Grace Pailthrope (1937)
A Photo of The Lion of Belfort
“The Statue of Liberty” by Jardin du Luxembourg (1934)
Photo of the Palace of Justice, Paris
Photo of Notre Dame’s bell towers
“Maldito Insolente” by Arno Breker
Martian script, devised by Hélen Smith
Photo of Saint Alban psychiatric hospital
“René Magritte with a Chessboard Over His Face” by Paul Nougé (1937)
Photo of Claude Cahun
“Nude” by Yves Tanguy, Joan Miró, Max Morise, and Man Ray, (1926–1927)
“Exquisite corpse.” by Max Morise, Joan Miró, Yves Tanguy, Man Ray. (1927)
“Exquisite corpse.” by Max Morise, Joan Miró, Yves Tanguy, Man Ray. (1927)
“A. Hitler” by Adolf Hitler (1910)

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