Pokemon & Power

I used a text-generating program to write a strategy guide for hit-mobile app, Pokemon Go. It will help you play the game.

Pokemon are essential for power

Power is super good against bad enemies. Pokemon is power. Pokemon are powerful.

At first, you live in a Pokemon. You’ll get new friends, exclusive, upgrades and 150 Pokemon games, essential for replenishing your power.

Pokemon, unfortunately, are essential for more power. Pokemon learn something, the theory behind your strongest power, then they adapt with higher levels.

Use your Pokemon friends. You can purchase Pokemon.

Buy Pokemon with money

You’ll want Pikachu — and you’ll get one, free, for catching numerous weaker Pokemon. These Pokemon are significantly less important to remember and will disappear.

Next, battle against enemies. Your neighborhood attack can easily be the first. You’ll notice great combat power because your enemies don’t heal.

Find people hanging out (as many as possible). You’ll find plenty of people will be very vulnerable. Kill the strongest fighters and teams of best friends so you can control multiple people with your finger.

Vulnerable people

Strength, bravery, weakness and combat superiority will overload your neighborhood. Attack schools, churches, parks. Release real dark money in your area.

Use specific combat. Attack slowly; make sure attacks hurt. It guarantees you’ll know all the most powerful skills.

Notice all sorts of landmarks: they can control multiple people and you’ll get more powerful controlling them. Murals of your thumb, your Pokemon friends, the Pokemon world represented by Wash-Up Rock Bug Ghost, and your power: they are essential for continuing your neighborhood attack.

Now, your legendary power is currently known — you being the strongest fighter always controlling fun battles.

Drone videos, full of your strongest combat, will be posting pictures of your neighborhood online. All of your friends are ghosts on the screen, all free by your combat..

All of your friends are ghosts, freed by your combat

Thanks again to Jamie and PHILIP for allowing me to generate this text. Find the program here and learn more about it with this DailyDot article.